Ben's Garden

American Made Since 2004

Ben Busko

Brooklyn, New York
New York-based Ben’s Garden boutiques are filled with celebrated handcrafted decoupage designs aimed to inspire, amuse & charm.
New York

Tell us about your business.

Ben Busko, who has been selling his unique, hand-made decoupage artwork since the age of eight, has expanded his New York based Ben’s Garden stores into the global marketplace with sales and distribution through more than a thousand online and brick and mortar venues including such retailers Nordstrom, Anthropoligie and Barnes and Noble. We are just so excited to share our expansion into our 14,000 sq. ft. Production Studio on the water in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, overlooking the Statue of Liberty. In development for months, it’s now complete with a state-of-the-art, fully-integrated inventory, stock replenishment and shipping management system. As Ben has grown up so quickly, so has Ben's Garden into a celebrated brand. We will be able share the Ben's Garden experience the way Ben has always intended. Everything will be simpler and easier, from ordering wholesale online with more experienced staff, to an increased production capacity, we’re surely off to a very bright future.

What makes your business stand out?

Ben will tell you that he believes in happily ever after, the pursuit of wonderful, it’s what’s inside that counts, and patience; however not necessarily in that order. All boldly stated in is catalogs and proudly displayed in his stores is his “Ben’s Garden Declaration, “declaring truths Ben’s Garden hold to be self-evident, most importantly Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Wonderful. Walking into a Ben’s Garden retail shop is a bit like walking into a conversation between two best friends. The witty phrases on Ben’s cocktail napkins suggest that “the trouble with trouble is that it begins out as fun” (one of Ben’s favorite quotes.” while his handcrafted Belgian linen pillows are inscribed with Mae West’s declaration that “too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” Ben’s charming and completely handcrafted Collection is available in over 1,000 high-end boutiques across the world.

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