salt+butter co.

American Made Since 2013

Mundi Ross

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Uniquely flavored cookies, sourcing locally and baking seasonally. Made with love here in Colorado.

Tell us about your business.

After years of working in traveling theater, my husband and I decided to settle down in Colorado. I was excited to be part of a community after so many years on the road and decided that the next step of my career should be something that I could create and build myself. My love of baking and my adventurous spirit naturally combined in my kitchen one day and the unique combinations that drive salt+butter co were born. I experimented with all kinds of different flavors and ingredients and used my husband and friends as guinea pigs. Everyone liked my cookies so much that I tried out a local farmer's market and sold out in two hours. That sellout got me invitations to markets and local shops all over town which means three months into this adventure I am already busier than my tiny home kitchen can handle. My next step is to move into wholesale with the ultimate goal being a brick and mortar shop of my own.

What makes your business stand out?

Desserts have gotten a lot of attention in the culinary world over the last few years but cookies have gone largely overlooked. I saw an opportunity to reinvent the staple of the American kitchen in a way that allowed me to stay true to my beliefs in seasonal baking and local sourcing. It's important to me that I work directly with farmers in the area for my eggs, milk, herbs, vegtables and fruit. In just three months I have already cultivated strong relationships with these vendors. I've seen where the ingredients were grown and I strongly believe this elevates the quality of my cookies. I dehydrate my own fruit and make own caramels. But most importantly, I'm bold with my ingredients. I'm not afraid to take an avocado and mix it with creme fraiche and a grapefruit, or to toss basil into a lemon based cookie. It is so gratifying every time a skeptical customer says "wow, that's different!" with a smile on their face and then walks away with a half dozen in their bag.

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