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Wallis Suda

Brooklyn, New York
A home décor, lifestyle brand, designed for connoisseurs of culture to enhance the comfort and curated aesthetic of his lair.

Tell us about your business.

I am a trained textile designer. It's not only my job, but love. Since graduating Parsons 5 years ago, I have been designing for different companies creating original art for their collections. However a year ago, I realized I had my own vision for a company concept fantasized for men that was boundless. My creation process is very systematic. I start with large concept boards that focus on themes & a point of view I want to deliver each season (while keeping the customer in mind). Then I dive into drawing, painting, stretching fabrics & animal hides on frames & go wild experimenting with different techniques such as chemical burnouts, embroidery & dye processes. I decided to start the company with pillows, but am excited to develop into other interior products such as luxurious bedding, towels, high end robes, and slippers. With that, I intend to form partnerships & collaborations with other bespoke brands, even boutique hotels that want to give a La Chasse experience.

What makes your business stand out?

There are a multitude of reasons why my business model is unique. Starting with the design side of La Chasse, all the prints and treatments are works of art. Everything is developed, abstracted, and originally created from my inspiration boards I make. On the analytical side of La Chasse, I've taken a strong position in creating tiered price points to embrace multiple markets at once, while keeping a very focused customer in mind. That being said, quality is always the most important even at the lower price points, it is never sacrificed. Also, I haven't found anything in the interior design market that is specifically designed for men. With the increasing interest of men's fashion and style, they need brands like La Chasse that will help them curate their homes.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best business advice I've received thus far…I'll give you the top 3: 1. To keep myself educated on all sides of the business. 2. Keep a prudent budget, while paying attention to details of presentation & personalization. 3. Take care of your business relationships from producers to buyers, to customers.

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