Rebekah Scott Designs

American Made Since 2003

Rebekah Scott

Valley Springs, South Dakota
Style, Panache and Deeply Rooted Inspiration compose Rebekah Scott Designs. Sassy and Practical. Equipping the busy, modern woman.

Tell us about your business.

Rebekah’s spark for textile style began at the age of four, with her mom’s scraps and her very own little sewing machine. During college and early meager married days, she developed her own purses for gifts. Soon presents became purchases and a new business was born. A full decade later, Rebekah Scott Designs has grown into a federally trademarked and direct sales brand. In addition to the original popular purses, the brand now includes a children’s accessory line called Olive Branch. Located on a farm in Valley Springs, South Dakota, Rebekah’s studio keeps her rooted to her loves – both her purses and her three growing tots. By keeping her heart close to home, she’s been able to keep her home close to her heart. Rebekah’s team is a woven fabric of creative moms and women who desire to stay at home. Rebekah remains at the helm – designing fabrics, creating new accessories, and sewing bags, with little ones d

What makes your business stand out?

Rebekah Scott Designs is unique because I didn't want to buy a purse that I would see again on the street. I wanted to create something that was a conversation starter and something that expressed a woman's opinion and stage of life. Each bag can be customized by choosing the leather, outside fabric and inside lining fabric. It should express the woman's opinion for color, functionality and fun! It tells the lifestyle of that woman, whether she needs both hands for little ones, a shoulder strap for work or an adjustable bag for all her roles. I have designed each style with my passion for purses and accessories. I also encourage women through my vlog and social media to live out and pursue their own passions. I have created a brand that people relate to asking, "Is that a Rebekah Scott? I just heard her speak and isn't she motivating!?" Purses are just the beginning. Rebekah Scott Designs is creating a lifestyle staple that encourages women to pursue their passions!

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best business advice I have been given is to build my business slowly from financial adviser, Dave Ramsey. In 10 years, I have managed to cash flow every year because I have not bitten off more than I could chew. I wanted to try all kinds of things through the years and have frequently referred back to my mission/vision statement to clarify if that is what I really want and if the business could handle the expense at that time. By building small, my "bottom" has never fallen out and my family has never been in debt because of a wild hair! I have been able to handle the business spurts when they came and hire incredible women along the way that were purposeful and needed. I pride myself on my ability to handle peak times with grace and have benefited from the offseason to make sure the bags are high quality and the business tactics smart and useful. This business advice isn't what most companies would follow but it has truly worked for my family and business as a whole.

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