Vegas Bindery

American Made Since 2010

Tre Yoder

Las Vegas, Nevada
Bringing old world charm to the digital age. Handmade wood and leather bound book iPad cases, using traditional medieval book binding methods.

Tell us about your business.

Like most things my business grew out of necessity. I had previously been a book binder and actor in a medieval stage combat troupe that would perform at renaissance fairs and the like. At these events we are expected to remain in character the entire time we are there. This includes not being able to use your phone or tablet in view of the guests. I was always annoyed with the task of having to hide my technology, or finding a place to go and check my e-mail. That is when I decided to use my book binding skills to come up with a solution for this little problem. I designed a tablet case that looks identical to a raised band, quarter bound leather book with wood covers and a strap and buckle closure. Now I was free to attend royal courts while playing angry birds, or play some Irish Rovers as we enjoy some mead around the campfire. Since then I've expanded my product line and offer cases for a number of devices and styles, as well as our handmade guest books and journals.

What makes your business stand out?

A tablet case is by no means a unique and ground breaking concept. But the methods, attention to detail and artistic drive sets me apart every other case on the market. I create unique one of kind covers that are handmade and no two are alike. In my head I live in a world of fantasy and I'm trying my hardest to bring that into reality. That's what you get with my cases, a bit of fantasy made reality.

What's the best business advice you've received?

If you do what you love, and pursue your desires in life and in business, you will live a fulfilling and happy life.

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