Tribes-A-Dozen/Voilà! Hallah

American Made Since 2012

Leah Hadad

Washington, District Of Columbia
Woman-owned, Tribes-A-Dozen sells a line of 3 all-natural, Kosher Voilà! Hallah Egg Bread Mixes: Traditional, Wholey Wheat, and Simply Spelt.

Tell us about your business.

I have always loved baking from scratch, even as a child. After treatments for breast cancer, I went back to baking hallah weekly. I found it was healing. A busy family schedule made me wish I had a hallah mix. There was none on the shelf. I knew I was not the only one wishing to reconnect with this ancient tradition of baking bread at home. It was my Voilà! moment. I decided to make it myself, a premium quality, easy prep mix that will bake and taste just like from schratch. It eventually became my calling: to make it easier for people to bake their traditional breads at home. I outsource the production to a co-packer in the United States. We sell on and through specialty food markets. Our products should be on the shelf at two large national markets this fall. I wear many hats -- marketing, selling, managing, demonstrating, giving hallah workshops, and creating recipes from these versatile mixes. I see my business expanding distribution and adding product lines.

What makes your business stand out?

Our products are unique. But, as I always say, I don't sell a mix. I sell an experience. It gives me so much joy to receive feedback from our customers, who many times thank me for developing the products. They say my hallah mix allowed them to experience baking this traditional bread at home. At demos, I meet people of different denominations and cultures, who share memories from long ago, sometimes, from far away lands, about a mother or a grandmother, who baked the bread for a holiday or a special occasion. They may call it by a name other than 'hallah,' though. And, when they pick up the box and buy it, I know the box encapsulates for them so much more than the sum of the ingredients in it. At that moment, it all seems to be worth it -- all my time and hard work, and the anxiety about failing. It's my way of giving back, but I get so much more back in return. I also got my wish: a hallah mix from which to bake bread that is just like from scratch.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Do something you are passionate about and focus on that.

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