Belle Chevre

American Made Since 1989

Tasia Malakasis

Elkmont, Alabama
We're a passionate group of women that has been handcrafting award-winning artisan goat cheese in northern Alabama for over 25 years.

Tell us about your business.

Belle Chevre has been recognized and applauded by everyone from the American Cheese Society (for excellence in craftsmanship) and the Good Food Awards (for excellence in sustainability) to the Today Show and Oprah Magazine. With 25 years of cheesemaking experience under their belt, this passionate group of artisans has nearly 100 national awards and is a favorite of the nation’s most savvy cheesemongers. Steven Jenkins, one of the world’s foremost authorities on cheeses of the world says “Alabama's FBC cheeses and fromage blanc taste as fine as the best of the Loire Valley, Perigord and Provence, and that's a mouthful." All of our cheeses are hand-made and hand-packed with great care and dedication to the craft – and we believe that that makes all the difference in the world. We hope that you too will become infected with the passion with which this cheese is made and experience, as Tasia and so many others have, love at first bite!

What makes your business stand out?

We believe in using classic artisan techniques to create fun, innovative goat's milk products. Our unique selection of handmade cheeses go far beyond the classic log to include sweet breakfast chevres, cheeses marinated in olive oil and herbs, a chevre cheesecake, and DIY cheese kits.We've heard Belle Chevre being called “The New American Cheese”—a French-style goat's milk cheese that is known to be a bit more playful and versatile... and obviously hand-crafted and gorgeous to the taste. But most interesting might just be our roots: a proud Elkmont, Alabama pedigree. All of our cheese is handmade by passionate artisans in rural Alabama. We roll our logs by hand and mix our breakfast cheeses, tasting as we go to ensure quality throughout

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