The Robin's Nest

American Made Since 1998

Rachel O'Crowley

West Valley City, Utah
The Robin's Nest is a family operated business. We manufacture elegant paper, dew drops, & Little Friends. We create to inspire creativity.

Tell us about your business.

The Robin's Nest started as with a passion for crafting. Scrapbooking was in its initial stages, and Robin, the founder, decided to create cardstock to compliment the new industry. The business has enjoyed success and failures, but has survived, and endured. Each family member has some sort of involvement in the company, through creating, advertising, or just bouncing ideas off of each other. The Robin's Nest is inspired by crafts and equally try to inspire our customers to create too. We now have a great design team which shows how to use our products on our blog: Each day a new project is created. We have been in business for 15 years and proudly support the Mom and Pop stores. We have been very diligent in keeping our products in local stores that support the communities. We are also proud to say Made in the USA. We have 3 military members whose wives are a great part of our company, so we are a patriotic company too.

What makes your business stand out?

The Robin's Nest is a unique company because our ideas are outside the "popular" box. We challenge our customers to share with us their unique projects that they have created with our products. We are amazed by the creations that we see every day. The Robin's Nest has a fabulous group of customers who create projects that are on the easiest level to create to the out-of-this world creations. We happily support each of these loyal customers! The Robin's Nest is a unique company because we have remained a small business. The founders do humanitarian work for their church with most of the money that they earn. Overall, the entire company is filled with do-gooders. Each person is helping someone out in their own way at all times. This attitude has poured over into the business, we support many crops and events that are graciously trying to raise money for someone in need too.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best advise that our company has received is to stay out of debt. This will help with happiness. The Robin's Nest does not take out loans, all materials used to make our products are paid for upfront. This doesn't mean that it is easy. We have scrounged pennies to get through some months, but we have endoured. The economy may be picking up a little bit, but we do not see this as a reason to overspend. We have decided that if there is not money to spend, then we cannot spend any money. This does not mean that we give up if there is no money, it just means that we have to become more creative in making our company survive.

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