Designer Lollipop

American Made Since 2011

Priscilla Briggs

Salt Lake City, Utah
Our artistic lollipops are beautiful and clear. They taste like sugary cotton candy. We are honored to have been published multiple times.
Utah Food
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We started small in a small suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. We take great pride in making each lollipop by hand. Our favorite lollipops are those that have a punch of color and customization. Our lollipops can be found worldwide in Asia, Germany, Russia, Canada, Mexico and our favorite... USA!

What makes your business unique?

Designer Lollipop is unique because of the beauty of our lollipops. They stand above the competition in quality and taste. Kids and adults love them alike.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Love your business, don't live your business.

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