J.C. Sterling fine furniture

American Made Since 2004

john sterling

millmont, Pennsylvania
Handcrafted furniture influenced by the attention to craftsmanship and detail of the Arts and Craft movement and the simple beauty of nature.

Tell us about your business.

I run a one-man shop so each piece is designed, built, and finished by me. I alone plane the wood, cut the mortises, glue the joints, sand, sand, and sand some more, and meticulously apply layers of my secret recipe finish that beautifully brings out the natural color and figure of the wood. I use traditional joinery techniques without taking shortcuts. I like to work closely with clients to ensure that the overall design and piece exceeds their expectation In this day and age, we are all seeking to find a balance. The world gets faster and faster, but our souls long for peace and connections. According to feng-shui philosophy, wood is the element that is most refreshing and adaptable for your home. By surrounding yourself with hand-crafted wood furniture, you ground yourself to nature. With that connection, you will make your home or office a sanctuary of peace and that will have excellent implications in all aspects of your life and interactions between your family and guests.

What makes your business stand out?

J.C. Sterling Fine Furniture stands apart from the rest because I believe your furniture should be a beautiful work of art that connects you to nature and to the future generations that will inherit your investment. I invite you to make a deeper connection to the furniture I design and build for you. Be a part of the design process by playing an active role in selecting the wood that will be used in the final piece. Sit down with me to discuss one-on-one (or two) exactly what your vision is for the furniture you would like built. Connect with the surrounding forests that grew the trees that I use. Most of the wood I use is harvested from sustainably managed Pennsylvania State forests. I work directly with a couple of mills that are run and operated by one or a few families. By working closely with these sawyers I am able to obtain really unique slabs and beautifully figured lumber

What's the best business advice you've received?

remain true to yourself and your vision.

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