Early Bird Designs

American Made Since 2011

Jill Burns

Worcester, Massachusetts
Porcelain tableware inscribed with paintings of flora and fauna. Wake up your table with art you use every day.

Tell us about your business.

Early Bird Designs begin as porcelain slabs, which are hand-formed into cups, bowls, plates, vases, platters and other tableware. Each piece is finished using the Korean technique called mishima. When the clay has stiffened, an image is inscribed and a dark slip is inlaid into the recesses. After the clay has dried, excess slip is removed and the design is revealed. The pieces are kiln-fired twice with colored glazes applied in the last stage. The images are playful interpretations of 18-19th century botanical and animal engravings. Early Bird Designs was launched in 2011, after working in ceramics for 20 years. It combines my early training as a painter with my love of clay, as well as speaks to my inner industrial designer. Each piece is made by hand – a work of art you can use every day

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