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Bill Carney

Waxhaw, North Carolina
After being laid off from the banking sector, we realized we needed to create our own opportunity. ProPlugger was born from an idea and a dream.

Tell us about your business.

We wanted a way to eliminate wild onions and other deep tap-root weeds without using harmful herbicides or digging them out one-at-a-time with a shovel. We started experimenting with rudimentary "plugger" designs and after several prototypes, the ProPlugger was born (and our wild onions were gone!). We soon realized that if this new tool could help us, it could also help others and from this, our small company was also born. Since the birth of the ProPlugger, we've come a long way and the tool has evolved through several generations of designs, improving both the function and ease of use. From planting bulbs and annuals to ground covers and lawn turf, the aptly named 5-IN-1 helps garden enthusiast of all ages dig planting holes from a comfortable standing position. We've sold into 10 countries and enjoy a 5-Star Amazon rating. We manufacture the 5-IN-1 in a converted 19th century textile mill in the small town of Waxhaw, NC. Over 97% of our raw material is US made.

What makes your business stand out?

I don't think our story or business is very unique. I think thousands of Americans have created small businesses with stories very similar to our own. It's just another small (and humble) chapter in a very long story of American creativity, ingenuity and a lot of hard....hard work.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Showing up for work every day is the key to success. Whether you've had a good day or a rotten day...things have gone your way or nothing seems to have gone your wake up in the morning and show up for work.

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