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Jenny Raulli

La Canada, California
With four little ones, party planning became my creative outlet and my unique way of honoring my children. I turned this passion into a business

Tell us about your business.

I have always loved parties and designing invitations but never really planned on doing it for a living. I was more than happy being a stay at home mom. On a whim I submitted photos of a Thriller Halloween Party that I did to Amy Atlas and she wanted to feature them on her blog just four days later. I quickly set up my blog and an Etsy store to sell the invitations and I have not had a second to breathe since. My inspiration comes directly from people I love. I try to create something unique to highlight their personalities and interests. All of the parties that I have done have been featured on a major party blog and my work has been featured in two magazines. The highlight of my business thus far was when I won The Today Show's Quest for the Best Party Theme In America. I got to fly to New York share my Apple of My Eye Party (I was slightly sad that Martha wasn't the judge!) From here I only intend on getting bigger and better. I love how much I learn and grow daily. Thanks

What makes your business stand out?

I try to find party theme that haven't been done before or tweaking a familiar theme with a unique color scheme. I did a Thriller Halloween Dance Party in magenta and lime green and a Apple of Our Eye Party in hot pink. I am always striving to do something that wows but doesn't necessarily cost a lot. On a different note, I don't really read or surf the web that much. I want my ideas to be my own and not something that I have seen before and maybe have vague memory of.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Just do it. When I started I didn't have a plan or any business or design training. It all came from heart. It was really a leap of faith. Martha is also a huge inspiration. I have been a reader of Martha Stewart Living for over twenty years. I am always so amazed that Martha started baking pies. She is a great example of one of my favorite saying "find something that you love and you will never work a day in your life." I truly have found that and am lucky!

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