Bongo & Blanket's Bakehouse

American Made Since 2012

Tyce Light

Montpelier, Vermont
Bongo & Blanket’s Bakehouse biscuits are proudly made in Vermont & provide all-natural goodness to complement your dog’s healthy diet.

Tell us about your business.

A passion for dogs combined with a need for a creative outlet led to founding this venture. Having a dog with wheat sensitivity issues determined my product would be wheat, corn, and soy free. An integral part of production is dehydration of the baked biscuits, which stimulates teeth cleaning and tartar control. A home-based business since founding, I now actively seek new production facilities, one, to facilitate increased production, and two, to allow me to be on the road, visiting prospective new wholesale accounts and to attend additional trade shows, markets, and dog events throughout New England and beyond.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best advice I've received was short and sweet: "always hire people smarter than you". It is so true, and there are so many layers of meaning in that short phrase. In addition to driving external relations with vendors and consultants, that bit of advice serves to remind me I cannot do all things at all times for my business. While I can be aware of these things, I do not have the ability to fully focus on all things at all times. When I hire smarter people, I can delegate responsibility, thus freeing up my time to focus on business development, without loss of authority.

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