Amber Kane

American Made Since 2009

Amber Kane

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Bring your art collection off the walls with a one of a kind hand woven scarf. Make more than a statement, tell a story through your style.

Tell us about your business.

I am far from the traditional weaver. I don't follow patterns and intentionally weave without a plan. My philosophy of creating for the process and not production results in one-of-a-ind pieces. Working out of my home studio in Mechanicsburg, Pa, I specialize in weaving "statement scarves" that tell a story. Each scarf tells a story of the process and emotions that went into the scarf's creation. I seek to provide women with a go-to accessory that inspires confidence and makes them feel beautiful before walking out the door. " When women feel confident about themselves, that gives them the ability to go out into the world and do the good they were made to do. "

What makes your business stand out?

I didn't discover my passion for weaving until my junior year at Messiah College. While working on my art edu degree, I enrolled in a weaving course and fell in love. " Once I laid my hands on the loom, I knew that I never wanted to stop. " Shortly after graduation, I started teaching art full-time at a local high school. I spent the first year and a half focused on teaching before purchasing my own floor loom. I attempted to refresh my memory of the weaving process by following directions in one of my books, resulting in lots of knots and holes. It was only when I researched the book online that I discovered the book was missing some essential pages. Realizing I never liked following directions anyway, I put all the instructions, patterns and weaving books away. " Weaving tends to be very precies. There can be math involved, counting and measuring- none of that is me as a person or as an artist. "

What's the best business advice you've received?

Always move forward.

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