green 3 apparel

American Made Since 2006

Sandy & Jim Martin

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
A wholesale company that ships to over 1,000 specialty stores nation wide. Organic & recycled cottons, reclaimed fabrics & all made in the USA.

Tell us about your business.

Sandy Martin is the founder and president of green 3. Sandy grew up in the rural Midwest, dreaming of brighter lights and bigger cities. After graduating from high school, Sandy left small town life behind & began an education and career that would take her to Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Her expertise in product development was eclipsed only by her love of family. Still shy of the age of 40, and at the height of her corporate career, Sandy decided to "retire" and dedicate herself to being the best mom she could be.In between soccer games, parent-teacher conferences, and volunteer work, Sandy kept one eye on the ever changing feminine apparel marketplace. Personally frustrated by designers who lacked imagination, retailers who didn't understand fit, and manufacturers who valued a nickel more than the environment and communities they operated in, Sandy decided to re-enter the game with a women’s company of her own. In 2006 Sandy was joined at green 3 by her husband, Jim

What makes your business stand out?

We are a company that designs, sources, produces and markets stylish, high quality sustainable fiber apparel, accessories and soft home goods. green 3 differentiates itself from other sustainable and conventional brands by supplying a product line that focuses on: Organic cotton, recycled cotton and reclaimed materials. Products made in the USA; from concept to end product. Our style is modern classic. We offer quality construction with exceptional details and finishing. Fit standards that are consistent and appropriate for our target customer. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Green 3 is proud to work with organizations such as Aspiro, in an effort to provide jobs and life skill training for adults with cognitive disabilities. MADE IN THE U.S.A: Promoting jobs at home Very short lead times Ability to "read and react" Reduced carbon footprint OUR ARTWORK: Exclusive to green 3 Hand drawn Hand painted Custom logos and themes available

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