Montana's Rustic Decor

American Made Since 2011

Tracy Tevis

Ronan, Montana
Beautifully designed home decor. Either rustic log cabin theme, or beautiful native print home decor. Both to make your home bright and beautiful

Tell us about your business.

I have always wanted my own business.I love working and being around people.I decorated my home in the rustic horse theme and all my friends have liked it and so I did some work for them in there homes,which got me thinking,so I started to purchase top of the line upholstery fabrics to see if my ideas would sell,found a couple of places that would put my products in there stores. Sure enough people were buying my pillows.So I started to purchase other fabrics.I now have about 34 styles of pillows along with matching table runners,place mats. My goal is to have a huge variety to choose from, from all forms of the rustic wild life.I would love to have a very successful business and be in almost every town or be in a position to where everyone can see my work.So far its going great.I have my products in 7stores and moving forward.I am constantly coming up with new ideas. Anything for a country home to a big beautiful log cabin or cottage.I would love for my designs to be noticed.

What makes your business stand out?

I have done some research and there is no web site that is just for home decor and have a huge variety of pillows,table runners,place mats,curtains and valances that is just rustic or a variety of native prints. I have only specialize in the rustic and native prints.I have been looking into other coyboy or buckaroo fabrics to have a major variety,that is a huge field and I have so many ideas an like I was saying my goal is to have up to 120pillows to choose from along with everything else I design.I want everything to run together perfect in the home.My dream is to become the biggest rustic and native print designer in the U.S.A for home decor.My products are made with the best of care.Now my clients depending on there finances they can choose the same pillow with faux leather or with real leather which is making alot of people happy and that is my goal.Special orders are shipped out right away.Happy happy happy is what I want with my clients and so far that is what I am getting.

What's the best business advice you've received?

I have received quite a few emails and calls from various people telling me that when they came in contact with my products, some stopped dead in there tracks they couldnt believe how pretty my pillows were and that they have'nt seen anything like them.Some would buy as gifts and would have to return to get another gift for someone else because now they wanted the same.I love getting emails that tell me they are following me so they can see my ideas.I am getting compliments on the fact of having a choice between real leather and faux leather.The upholstery fabrics I have chosen is top of the line and having a nice choice from elk,bear,moose,deer all the way down to turkey's and the fishing theme.I guess the big thing I am always getting is.. KEEP IT UP your doing a awesome job.Thats really not advice but it is positive feed back.It makes me want to try harder and do more in keeping my big dream of one day having a very successful business. So far my adventure has been so much fun.

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