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Titan Chains

Edmonds, Washington
Skillfully Hand-Woven in the USA, all of our Titanium and Stainless Steel Chain Jewelry and Artisans are Unique and Beautiful Creations :-)

Tell us about your business.

Our Mission- First and foremost: Create unique & beautiful jewelry that people want to wear. All of our jewelry must be exceptional; handmade of the highest quality, durable and meaningful to the end user. While so many craftsmen focus on what is expressive for themselves, we want each piece to be an expression for the individual wearing it. Second: Share; profits and designs in addition to techniques and materials; by doing so we have confidence the result ultimately will be success for everyone involved. Yes our goal is to make money and we do so by selling supplies, components and of course reselling handmade jewelry. By showing others how to do the same will produce a win-win scenario; whereas, profits for them equate to even more profits for us. Third: Promote and appreciate the art of hand crafted jewelry. Providing resources so anyone can easily learn to make, enjoy and yes even earn money by handcrafting jewelry at home.

What makes your business stand out?

Titanium and Stainless Steel are two of the most popular jewelry choices today. These metals are strong, clean and extremely durable. However, due to their cost and the expensive tools required, it’s rare to find truly 'handmade' titanium or stainless steel jewelry …that is until now. TITAN CHAINS has improved on traditional, age-old chain making techniques and each chain is skillfully handcrafted from a single piece of wire using ancient techniques. Our beaded and Interchangeable Wrist Wraps allow for endless design options; just change a bead, charm or pendant and our shapeable chains create so many different looks. We also truly believe in giving back 10% of all finished jewelry profit is donated to charity and we hope and encourage others to do the same. Arts and Crafts are purely human creations, a show of one’s passion and excellence. Mass production creates fast and cheap-often void of human beauty, please buy something special and support your local Arts & Crafts, Thank you.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Always invest back into your business, take the money you make and plow it back into marketing and growth- If you can somehow make it through those first few years without blowing all of your profits the sacrifice will be well worth it in the long run.

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