Birch Coffee

American Made Since 2011

Jeremy Lyman

New York, New York
We've made an amazing product and want everyone to have access to it. We currently deliver in Manhattan only but are looking to broaden our reach

Tell us about your business.

We opened our first coffee shop about 4 years ago. We've grown exponentially in the last years and have opened two new shops in the last six months. Two years ago we were having a brainstorming session, which we have often, to see how we could change the coffee game up a bit. When we realized what we had been sitting on, we acted immediately. We are know in NY to have some of the best tasting cold brewed iced coffee on the market. We saw a hole in the market and decided to create a way to allow people to have more access to it. Instead of simply selling small and large cups, we started bottling it into 64 oz growlers so people can not only have it in their fridge at home, but save money by buying it. It was so popular that we built a tricyle that would haul about 32 jugs all over the city and we began doing seasonal deliveries to both offices and apartments throughout the city. We are looking to extend our reach and get more and more people excited about cold brewed iced coffee

What makes your business stand out?

We have loved doing what we do from day one. We always knew that we were going to always be pushing the envelope in our business and industry and we have been doing so with everything revolving around coffee. We've collaborated with so many people in the industry and other industries and we are always trying to keep things fresh. We took a simple demand and want and decided it was a niche we could easily fill with our coffee knowledge and our ability to ride bikes! We are big bootstrapping believers and think it is so important to really own what we. We personally made all deliveries on our trike for the first two seasons we were up and running. We also wore really cute outfits and neat suspenders doing it. Sure, it got hot during the summer in those outfits, but it was cool, we were delivering iced coffee. We were the first coffee shop to fill this void and we are still working on ways to improve it and make it easier for people to access and enjoy our product.

What's the best business advice you've received?

During the process of opening our businesses and starting our iced coffee delivery service, we've met with countless people who had so many things to say. Because we received so much information, constantly, some of the best advice we received was to "keep an open mind". We met would people that told us our ideas wouldn't fly and others that called us sheer geniuses. We have always simply followed our gut instinct and so far 9/10 times it's been spot on. We also never regret the mistakes we make, only the ones we don't learn from.

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