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Nikki Weiss

Stevensville, Montana
Beautiful Scarves and More. Handmade by Nikki Weiss. Made in Montana.

Tell us about your business.

Hello... I'm Nikki Weiss, and myMountainStudio is my most recent endeavor, now showcasing my handmade scarves. I began learning my fiber art skills from my grandmother many years ago when I was just a young girl. In the years since, I have experimented, adapted, and learned so much more. During the last 25 years I've made and sold a wide variety of beautiful and useful things, but have recently narrowed things down to find my niche. I love to work with fiber, turning beautiful yarns into something lovely for myself and others to enjoy, and especially enjoy working with a variety of yarns and stitches to create fabulous scarves for women to wear in the various seasons of the year.

What makes your business stand out?

My business is unique because I am unique. We are all unique individuals, and I like my unique-ness to show in the things I make. In the fibers and colors I select, combined with the stitches I choose to use, in the size I choose to make it in, whether or not to embellish it, etc., etc., etc. I love the freedom of making scarves, as there are endless possibilities, and it gives me a chance to explore and express my creativity. I also love to see the delight in my customers as they pick out their favorite scarves at a local show .... and love hearing them tell me later how they love wearing my handmade scarves and getting lots of compliments on them! :)

What's the best business advice you've received?

I've received a lot of business advice over the years, most of which has come from the many great books and blogs I read. I have a lot of favorite authors that have tons of great advice and encouragement for new and seasoned entrepreneurs, so it's much too difficult to choose just one piece of advice as best. I would say my top three are: “stay true to your strengths”, “follow your passion”, and “get over your fear”. These are my basics that keep me on course. :)

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