Weiss Watch Company

American Made Since 2007

Cameron Weiss

Los Angeles, California
US companies once produced 1000s of mechanical watches each day. We aim to bring manufacturing & prestige back to the USA with our watches.

Tell us about your business.

Cameron Weiss, watchmaker & owner, began pursuing watchmaking after he learned about the skill required to put together a watch. He attended 2 years of Swiss watchmaking school & then trained more extensively with 2 of the most prestigious luxury watch brands in Switzerland & the US. Cameron’s exceptional talent & training, as well his interest in American watchmaking, led him to create watches with the gold standard of timeless American quality. His process begins with designing & manufacturing the watch itself. From there, he finishes & assembles each timepiece by hand. These accessible heirlooms are built to withstand time & generations. Before the introduction of the disposable quartz watch, American manufacturing revolutionized the way mechanical watches were made. We seek to rediscover the legacy & prestige of the manufacturing processes originated by Waltham in the United States. We see our business evolving into complete watch component manufacturing over time.

What makes your business stand out?

There is nobody else in our sector of watchmaking. We are essentially filling a large gap in the market between a throw away, foreign-made timepiece and an extremely expensive, highly-decorated Swiss timepiece. There is a large market of people the industry is missing out on. A comparable Swiss watch will cost upwards of $5,000.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Make something YOU want. The perfect transaction is where the maker is happy about their product and excited to sell, and the buyer is happy to buy the product.

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