Barn Light Electric Co.

American Made Since 2008

Bryan Scott & Donna Scott

Titusville, Florida
Barn Light Electric is an American manufacturer of vintage and barn style lighting and revived the lost art of porcelain enamel RLM lighting.

Tell us about your business.

For Bryan and Donna Scott, passion equals profession. In 2008, they were inspired by their love for restoring vintage gas station lighting to begin a back yard business called Barn Light Electric. Five years later, in spite of the worst economy since the Depression, they have transformed this hobby into a thriving family business. Bryan's desire was to create his own American-made lighting just like the fixtures he restored for so many years. Finding original manufacturing equipment and learning the arts of metal spinning and porcelain enamel glass application allowed him to recreate retro light fixtures with modern, commercial-grade materials. Barn Light Electric has expanded its porcelain line from lighting to porcelain home goods always keeping with its design aesthetic "where vintage and modern collide."

What makes your business stand out?

Barn Light Electric is the only company in America hand crafting porcelain enamel lighting. Our metal artisans transform a flat disk of steel into a variety of shade styles then hand-apply two coats of porcelain enamel glass. The shades are baked in a 1600-degree porcelain oven that seals the glass coating to a hard-as-nails, glossy finish that never fades or corrodes. With a rainbow of finish colors and options to choose from, our customers create fixtures that last a lifetime. As a family-owned business growing rapidly in spite of the economic recession, we have the opportunity to employ local men and women, some of whom lost their jobs at the end of the Space Shuttle program. Bryan, a former law enforcement officer, has also hired graduates of a local drug rehab program to give them a fresh start. Though rapidly expanding, Barn Light Electric has a fun, small family atmosphere. From Flag Day to National Donut Day, we find any reason to put on party hats and celebrate!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Have a passion for what you're doing, then find the unserved niche and go after it aggressively. Providing exceptional customer service and creating quality, American-made products are more rewarding than net profits. And also, business decisions should never be made on an empty stomach!

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