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Hilary Wilson

Hartland, Connecticut
Sweet Peas in a Pod Jewelry is a wonderful way for Mom to wear a personalized keepsake that symbolizes her children; and for friends and sisters

Tell us about your business.

I started designing my "Sweat Peas in a Pod" necklace while pregnant with my son. Not able to find the perfect "mommy necklace", I decided to make my own. After weeks of thinking and planning about my special mommy necklace and my sweet pea on the way, the "Sweet Peas in a Pod" necklace was born, and just shortly afterward, so was my son Gavin. The necklace design is a tribute to my mom, a Master Gardener and artist, and the reason that the arts are such a big part of my life. She always encouraged my creativity- a gift I could never repay her for. The Pea Pod Necklaces are also a tribute to her love of gardening and my love of nature and her flowers. I started selling online to make it more convenient for friends and family to order their own necklaces. The immediate outpouring of support and requests from complete strangers was thrilling. To be able to share something so meaningful, and to know that others appreciate it just as much is a great motivator to keep designing.

What makes your business stand out?

A Lovelly Design started with a little creativity, lots of love, and a studio full of personal history. Following my moms example, I have always kept it creative- from designing my own clothes and creating crazy cakes and baked goods to painting and designing jewelry. Being the end all, say all has its perks. I have full creative control, which means I can experiment with many different mediums, and keep working at a design until I see in my hands what I saw in my head. I love being able to do the same for my customers- to take their ideas or special wants and present them with a piece that they had only ever dreamed of. I also have a large, loving family that is always there to lend a hand, give truthful critiques, and inspire new designs. Having influence from so many loved one with such varying tastes and interests keeps my "idea journals" full to overflowing. When thinking of a business name, one name/ play on words stuck- A Lovelly Design. My last name was Lovell. :)

What's the best business advice you've received?

Make something you love, and other people will love it too. Always keep a pencil and paper close- you never know when inspiration will present itself

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