Bee Wise Goods

American Made Since 2007

Gabrielle Kaminski Krake

Boise, Idaho
I make colorful handmade gifts, art and patterns for you and your home that make you happy and support local buying in our city and the USA.

Tell us about your business.

I have always been in the same business of making things, I was that kid who sold funny little drawings to everyone, the teen who made all my own clothes, taught sewing through my 20's, built sets, made costumes and in 2007 started Bee Wise with reusable grocery bags that turned into a business in 2008. Our goal from the beginning has been to take steps toward better consumer habits. To Consume Less To Reduce our Waste Footprint To Be Wise Stewards of Creation To Work as a Community to form a Healthy, Thriving Business Over the last 6 years the BW label has grown to over 20 patterns, 65 original products, two boutiques in Boise Idaho (Bee Wise Goods & The Soda Works) and we (my mom and I) are still hand making reusable bags in all shapes and sizes. Our business is a family affair with all of my teenagers in on the game, my husband and parents as well. Because this is our way of life, we are continually brainstorming and growing. Even plans for a bakery!

What makes your business stand out?

In my current business model, I am using my highly visible but low rent spaces to maximum capacity. Not only do we make over half of our inventory, we have vintage consignment, classes, other artisans selling their wares, our vintage soda shop adjoining Bee Wise and a small bakery coming soon into the soda shop. We draw customers into one business but once inside they realize they have stepped into another world. Our 1950's building and how we have designed the space makes you feel like you are in a mercantile of the past. All the handmade goodness, sweet treats and friendly environment is a dream come true! A common phrase we hear, "I could stay in here forever, it feels like home." That is our highest honor!

What's the best business advice you've received?

Having owned many businesses over the years, the most important thing I have learned is to take ALL aspects of business seriously but hold it lightly because sometimes things do not work out and you have to be able to pick up the pieces, learn and move on with more strength and resolve. Never Give Up!

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