J & K Buttons

American Made Since 2012

Katie Hagler

White City, Oregon
Handmade wood and antler buttons from the backwoods of Oregon.

Tell us about your business.

Our names are Justin and Katie Hagler. We live in the beautiful Rogue Valley. I, Katie am a knitter/crocheter and love making beautiful handmade things. I began to get very frustrated however when I looked at my high quality knitted pieces with cheap walmart buttons on them. I would go all over town to try and find beautiful wood buttons, but all I found were fake ones made in China. After discussing my frustration with my husband he decided to take matters into is own hands. He went into the backwoods and found some tree branches that had fallen and brought them home. The rest is history. My husband has also began makeing handmade antler buttons using antlers that were found on the forest floor. Our buttons are completely our own design and all handmade. They are quality, and add a beautiful natural woodland look to all knitted or crocheted things. All the wood we use is recycled and repurposed into beautiful buttons.

What makes your business stand out?

Our business is unique because we are a husband and wife team who love spending time with eachother in Nature. We have combined our love for nature with our love to design and create in the beautiful Rogue Valley in which we live. Our buttons come from nature itself. Something you would normally overlook on the forest floor like an old tree branch that has fallen from a tree that is hundreds of years old is recreated into a beautiful button and placed on a beautiful sweater. We have a lot passion and love for what we do and what we create, not only in the buttons but in our relationship as well.

What's the best business advice you've received?

The best business advice that we have heard is to take it slow, and love what you do. But most importantly me and my husband want to always remember that for us this is a hobby that we enjoy together and even if it takes off and becomes a huge business which would be amazing for us, we dont want to lose sight of eachother and how much we mean to one another. We are truely in love with what we are as a couple and what we create.

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