Unique & Original art By Keri Joy Colestock

American Made Since 2003

Keri Colestock

Pingree Grove, Illinois
I love recycling peoples trash into my treasures My goal is to continue to create beautiful works of art fueled by passion, whimsy & imagination.

Tell us about your business.

Creating fun unique original art is a blast! Especially recycling one man's trash into my treasures! I have been a contemporary artist since 2003. I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease where I was told "doing much of anything creative moving forward would be "impossible" from damage to my brain. Since then, I have sold 1500+ original pieces of art. I now am doing "Kerables" hand painted wearables. I am recycling found objects. I have climbed a mountain. My work now can be seen at 4 Art Inc Gallery where my work & I have found a wonderful new 'home' in the well known Zhou Bros. Art Center. I just was published in Russia, International Contemporary Artists & Contemporary Sculptor. You can see much more on Facebook or in my Etsy store. Other links: Website: Twitter: Keri Joy Colestock@WALLDANCERS Etsy: Blog:

What makes your business stand out?

I was told by 7 doctors that " much of anything woud be impossible!" I was crawling & could not focus. My 1st 300 pieces were made in bed! ( if I spell lousy please forgive me-my brain was damaged & counting & spelling are difficult for me. My Lyme is severe. I have had 12 pic-lines in 11 years. (IV"S to the heart) where I infuse antibiotics daily sometimes for 4 months. But I let nothing stop me! I am a 'peoples artist. I have helped countless amount of people with illnesses who say "if Keri can do it.....I can do it! Now these people are getting out of bed! So many have said" I loved to sew before I got sick I stopped!" I ask "why?" And people are reclaiming their lives. I do not go on support groups I find it terribly DEPRESSING! But when people come to me I always try to help. Other links: Twitter: Keri Joy Colestock@WALLDANCERS

What's the best business advice you've received?

To keep creating because I make happy art! It makes them smile. Mostly I feel it is my attitude. Since I cannot do outdoor shows I do self-promote. In this economy I want to think outside the box. So now I am creating products with my work on it. From phone covers to hand painted clothes. This is Keri's story.

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