C Rose Designs

American Made Since 2010

Carissa Dickson

Olympia, Washington
C Rose Designs was founded on a love of unique, handmade - American made adornments with the intent of transcending style and budget.

Tell us about your business.

I began designing jewelry many years ago, and with the encouragement of some amazing American-made shop owners, decided in 2010 to bring my work and my passion to market. I have worked with a variety of materials in my designs, such as fabric, lace, metal and semi precious stones, but my passion lies in metal work - primarily metal designs that are etched from my original drawings. In these designs I transfer my drawings onto a sheet of metal and then submerge them in an etching bath, only to reveal a perfectly raised image of my drawings on the metal - feels like magic every time! My business is continuously evolving and I am endlessly inspired by the overwhelming support and creativity of fellow American made artisans as well as my family and friends. I feel very fortunate for the encouragement and example of these fine folks in the handmade community.

What makes your business stand out?

The most unique part of what I do is found in my etched jewelry designs. These collections include brass and copper pieces that are etched from my original drawings. When you look at these pieces you can see that they were made lovingly with my two hands.

What's the best business advice you've received?

Take chances and DO NOT be afraid of failure - what we typically think of as failure is truly only an opportunity to learn and improve ourselves and what we do. Without it we will never become our greatest self - and neither will our business!

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