ROC Paper Scissors

American Made Since 2004

Rosa Clifford

Palm Harbor, Florida
Hand-crafted paper art, one-of-a-kind cards as unique, extraordinary, highly valued, esteemed and precious as the friends and family you love!!

Tell us about your business.

ROC Paper Scissors is an enterprise that was born out of gratitude for the willingness of a group of ladies to pour out their time and talents into the life of our youngest son, who was born with Down's Syndrome. During his first three years, these therapists came to our home weekly to work with him and show us how best to assist with his development. A store bought “Thank You” card just wasn't sufficient to express our appreciation and gratitude for their dedication and love. So, I created my own handmade cards. Every design starts with an original idea sketched in pencil. While I do use craft punches, the instrument I use more than any other in making my handcrafted cards are my trusty scissors. A distinctive characteristic of my card designs is the 3-D appearance of the cards - suitable for framed display. While gaining an international audience, I hope to develop distribution to high end retail stores in the U.S., create kits for TV shopping nets, and write card making books

What makes your business stand out?

How would you react to receiving something that is truly a one-of-a-kind creation? Would it make you feel: Cherished? Precious? Special? Highly valued and esteemed? Extraordinary? LOVED? What would you think about the person who gave it to you? The hand crafted, paper-art cards I lovingly and painstakingly create evoke a powerful and wide range of reactions like these. My most powerful ambassadors of love are the paper portraits I call Custom Cards. They are large works of paper art that commemorate the people, places and events that have profoundly shaped the lives of friends and family. The Custom Cards are by far the most unique ones we offer as they are the paper art equivalent of photo or oil canvas portraits. I’m unaware of others making personalized paper art portraits such as these. The layered and 3-D appearance of the card designs distinguishes them from what you can find on the shelves and in the stores today.

What's the best business advice you've received?

"Build your business success around something that you love - something that is inherently and endlessly interesting to you."

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