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  • Kate Berry
    Style Editor at Large

    Kate’s 2007 wedding was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, and Martha liked the look of it so much that she hired Kate to work as a stylist. Today, as creative director of Weddings and style editor at large for Living, Kate brings that same original attention to detail and sense of fun to all of her stories.

  • Darcy Miller
    Martha Stewart Weddings Editorial Director

    Darcy is our celebrations expert and is known for her memorable, fun, and inspirational entertaining ideas for weddings—as well as all of life’s special occasions. An avid scrapbooker and scrapboxer, Darcy is also the author and illustrator of Our Wedding Scrapbook.

  • Melissa Ozawa
    Features Editor

    Melissa traces her passion for flowers and gardens to her early childhood in Japan, where she fell in love with the cherry blossoms of Aoyama cemetery and the irises of the Nezu Museum’s garden. As features editor, she covers a wide range of topics, including artisan profiles, market stories, and gardening features.

  • Melissa Milrad Goldstein
    Beauty Director

    Even after her 17 years as a beauty editor, great skin care and innovations in the industry still make Melissa’s heart race. When she’s not trying to dig her way out of the beauty closet, Melissa can be found hosting The Editors’ Hour: The Beauty Edition on SiriusXM Radio.

Talk to the Judges

Here’s your chance to talk directly with the creative team behind our fashion and beauty content. Learn what inspires them, what they love about their jobs, how they got started, and what American Made means to them. Send your questions to, and check back often to see the answers. Please remember to include your full name and hometown.

  • Q:
    What is your style mantra?

    High style should be low stress. —Kate

  • Q:
    Describe the essentials in your wardrobe.

    I stick with tried-and-true basics that I love, plus signature accessories. I wear a charm necklace, which I’m always adding to, and my favorite purse is a bag with a picture of my kids on it. —Darcy

  • Q:
    What does American Made mean to you?

    I love the whole entrepreneurial spirit of American Made—how all of these makers from around the country have come up with great ideas and produced them right here in America, often with very little funding. I also like getting to know the nominees and learning more about how they got their businesses off the ground. It's inspiring. —Melissa O.

  • Q:
    What are you looking for in a finalist?

    I’m looking for someone who has found the white space—the item that answers a need. —Melissa G.