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  • Eric A. Pike
    Editor in Chief and Content Director

    A decorating, gardening, crafts, and holiday enthusiast, Eric was fortunate enough to combine these lifelong interests into a career when he joined the company in 1992. He is an integral part of the creative team and oversees the editorial and artistic vision of our flagship magazine and books.

  • Kevin Sharkey
    Decorating Executive Editorial Director

    Kevin came to the company in 1996 from Parish-Hadley, a venerable New York City interior design firm. Martha has always said that where publishing leads, merchandising follows. Kevin's executive roles for both the magazine and merchandising division are a prime example of our mission.

  • Ayesha Patel
    Style Executive Editorial Director

    Ayesha has worked at the company for 15 years, helping to evolve our brand’s identity and visual vocabulary. She is known for her careful consideration of every detail, especially colors and textures, and for her ability to enrich any editorial piece through her choice of furnishings and home accessories.

  • Marissa Brown
    Home Product Design Director

    As one of the masterminds behind our home-goods collections at Home Depot and Macy’s, Marissa knows good design when she sees it. She loves working with the sculptural qualities and the scale of furniture, but Marissa’s expertise ranges from upholstery to Steinway pianos (and includes miniature furniture models that she makes for her three daughters, upon request).

Talk to the Judges

Here’s your chance to talk directly with the creative team behind our home and decorating content and merchandise. Learn what inspires them, what they love about their jobs, how they got started, and what American Made means to them. Send your questions to, and check back often to see the answers. Please remember to include your full name and hometown.

  • Q:
    What is your signature design aesthetic?

    I'm a stylist—I love stuff. I fall in love with something almost daily and enjoy finding beauty in the commonplace. I respect the underlying rigor of Danish and Japanese design—the form and function, harmony in materials, as well as the emphasis on simplicity and serenity. I look to India and Italy for palettes, patinas, textiles, and textures, and to coastal cultures all over for comfort and artless style. America is where I have lived the longest, and it is home. The current American Made movement embodies all of these influences that I hold high—it is happening here, now! —Ayesha

  • Q:
    What does American Made mean to you?

    It is a celebration and recognition of passion, creativity, and determination. —Kevin

  • Q:
    What are you looking for in a finalist?

    I have a graphic-design background, so ideally I'm looking for the entire package: a distinct point of view that is strongly communicated through beautiful design, an engaging website, and strong visual elements. I want to see that spark of creativity and that you are invested in constantly evolving and improving your idea—essentially, businesses that achieve a sense of modern timelessness. But ultimately, I’m interested in the story behind your business and what inspires you as a maker. —Eric

  • Q:
    What is your best piece of advice for this year’s pool of nominees?

    Stay in touch with your initial design vision. Be consistent with your design message. Be inquisitive and don’t become passive. Keep the momentum going and always understand who your audience is. —Marissa