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Get to Know the Judges

  • Hannah Milman
    Crafts Executive Editorial Director

    Hannah enjoys reimagining long-forgotten techniques, such as marbleizing and gold-leafing, and introducing them to new audiences. She specializes in discovering up-and-coming crafters across the country and leads the development of some of our most popular Martha Stewart Crafts, Pets, and Holiday products.

  • Marcie McGoldrick
    Crafts Editorial Director

    Marcie has used her industrial-design background and discerning eye to create beautiful, functional crafts projects for the magazine and website since her start at the company in 1999. Her creativity doesn’t stop once she leaves the office—Marcie also fashions distinct ceramic pieces in her spare time.

  • Silke Stoddard
    Crafts Deputy Editor

    Ever since childhood, Silke has been an avid knitter. Instilled by her grandmother, Silke’s passion for needles and yarn grew in high school, when a knitting craze swept her native Germany. Silke creates charming one-of-a-kind projects that teach and inspire readers, no matter their crafting skill level.

  • Stefanie Lynen
    Crafts Product Design Director

    Stefanie learned most of her important professional skills in kindergarten in Germany, and has been passionate about making things ever since. She puts her valuable experience to use in the development of our Martha Stewart Crafts products and supports her team with design direction and a steady supply of snacks.

Talk to the Judges

Here’s your chance to talk directly with the creative team behind our crafts content and merchandise. Learn what inspires them, what they love about their jobs, how they got started, and what American Made means to them. Send your questions to, and check back often to see the answers. Please remember to include your full name and hometown.

  • Q:
    What materials do you like working with the most? What’s your specialty?

    Found objects, from the ocean edge to the forest floors. I often reuse vintage canvas, linen, and leather. —Hannah

  • Q:
    Where do you find inspiration?

    I love going to flea markets and antiques shows to hunt down treasures: an old postcard or a little piece of fabric, vintage packaging, a pattern on a dinner plate, or just a unique color combination—really anything can spark an idea. —Stefanie

  • Q:
    What is your best piece of advice for this year’s pool of nominees?

    Take the best photographs that you can. Make sure that you are showcasing your work in the best way possible. —Marcie

  • Q:
    What does American Made mean to you?

    Taking all this great country has to offer—history, tradition, a mix of cultures, abundant resources, the cities, the countryside—and creating a business that celebrates it all. —Silke