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Use a drop cloth that is either 8- or 10-ounce weight.


  • 6-by-9-foot drop cloth
  • Sewing machine and sewing supplies
  • Thirty-six 7/16-inch grommets
  • 1/4-inch cotton rope, 70 feet, cut into two equal lengths
  • Two O rings
  • 3/8-inch rope


  1. Step 1

    Reinforce each 6-foot end of drop cloth by folding over 2 inches and stitching across.

  2. Step 2

    Set 18 grommets along each sewn-down end, spaced equidistantly, starting 1 inch in from edge. (See the following how-to, "Setting a Grommet.")

  3. Step 3

    Tie an end of one 35-foot length of 1/4-inch rope into a knot. Thread unknotted end through underside of first grommet, then through an O ring, leaving approximately 32 inches between O ring and grommet on both sides.

  4. Step 4


    Run rope through top of next grommet, then over and under next two grommets. Repeat pattern as shown, top left, until you have woven through all grommets. Knot rope at opposite end. You may need to adjust slack on rope to achieve even tension. (This is easiest when O ring is being tugged in opposite direction.) Repeat steps 3 and 4 on other end of drop cloth.

  5. Step 5


    To hang, cut 2 pieces of 3/8-inch rope at least twice as long as needed (i.e., double the distance to anchoring post or tree, plus an additional 2 feet for tying off). Hammock will hang lower when occupied, so secure it 12 to 18 inches above desired height. Fold each piece in half, and slip loop under an O ring, then thread ends through loop to secure it.

Martha Stewart Living, May 2013

Reviews (4)

  • SarahPalmBay 29 Jun, 2013

    It didn't work for me either. The grommets worked fine, but the canvas just wasn't strong enough. I only sat on it twice before the grommets started pulling out -- literally tearing through the canvas. (And I only weigh 110 lbs.) I think it would work well with some STRONG fabric, not just a canvas drop cloth, but I'd rather just buy a hammock than spend more money trying unsuccessfully to make one!

  • DaisyM 3 Jun, 2013

    Was it the grommets that didn't work? Would it be better to pit a heavy duty piece of wood through the seam allowance and hang it from the wood? I bought everything except grommets and don't want itto end up falling apart. Did you contact Martha Stewart Living to see if it was tested?...hate to waste my money

  • 45Robin54 3 Jun, 2013

    Don't waste time or $ on this one. I did. Bought all supplies new @ Home Depot. Spent two days on it. Hung up, looked so inviting, until I Sat on it.....don I went. Most all the grommets ripped out! Shock is all I felt. Went back to H.D. and
    bought a real hammock without the stand and hung it in tha same place. Love it...I believe it is a Martha
    Stewart product...Lovely. My husband asked I not do any more M.S.Living projects since obviously no one 190# person sat in the article pictured ham

  • DaisyM 2 Jun, 2013

    Do you wash the drop cloth before making the hammock?