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Everyday Food, May 2013

In this issue: Everyone needs a few crowd-pleasing recipes at their fingertips! This issue is packed with new uses for your favorite ingredients and smart shopping tips. Click below to page through the entire issue and discover your new favorite dish!

Comments (173)

  • Sushma Singh 13 Mar, 2014

    Heehee! I got a printout of your everyday food publication..Yebhi Coupons

  • drosie 21 Oct, 2013

    I am so disappointed not to have the hard copy of Everyday Food anymore. This was my favorite magazine. I believe it was a poor decision to discontinue it. I do not like the digital version at all. I am canceling my subscriptions to all Martha Stewart publications.

  • wenbre 2 Aug, 2013

    I am trying to use my computer products and tablet but you don't support android tablet software.
    this is not fair.
    What can be offered to me now?

  • Eliah_Golan 6 Jul, 2013

    Finally, a digital issue, you can't get everyday food magazine in my country, so now, I can finally enjoy the magazine and it's free!

  • Jen Shih 4 Jul, 2013

    You can find it here.

  • danpc13 2 Jul, 2013

    Is the digital version no longer available also? I ask because the issue currently promoted is May 2013 and we are now in July.

  • MrDesigner 22 Jun, 2013

    I think it is nice that Everyday Food is available in a digital format. I have 5 years worth of Everyday Food mags and they start to take up a lot of space. I'd really like to see Everyday Food Mag and MS Living available in a truly mobile format that can be viewed on a phone and downloaded and stored for future use. The current PDF/Flash versions of the magazines seem like a stopgap and are a little cumbersome to use.

  • rjc2130 21 Jun, 2013

    Is there a place on the site to access all the Everyday Food electronic magazines that have come out thus far? It's tedious to search for each month's issue individually. I wish the paper copies would come back. I don't mind getting cooking splatters on a paper copy, but I'm not interested in taking my laptop into the kitchen each time I need to access a recipe. Are the new electronic issues at least printable?

  • missbooboo 18 Jun, 2013

    I am also disappointed about the cancellation of the Everyday Food magazine. This was the cooking bible in our kitchen. We use all of our old issues to make our weekly menus. The videos with Sarah Carey are OK, but who has time to sit and watch all of these videos to get new recipes?! If they can't bring back the print magazine, at least give us the full length version digitally (and be able to print it as well). Please don't disappoint your loyal readers anymore!

  • jenn562 11 Jun, 2013

    I can not believe that Everyday Food is gone. This magazine is why I started cooking 10 years ago at 18. I don't care that I didn't get a refund or that the digital version is really Apple friendly. What really bothers me is that Martha Stewart is attempting to make it seem like this digital version is even similar to the print version. It is about 1/4 of the length and most of that is still ads. I vote to bring back EF in its full form, digital or not. I just want a full length version.

  • psalm40 9 Jun, 2013

    No print version.....WHY? I am so disappointed, I will cancel my other subscriptions of Martha's magazines now!

  • RaesRanch 3 Jun, 2013

    Worst thing Martha's company has ever done was take away the live printed magazine! I too ordered it for years! I have two shelves of them and I go back to them for recipes and tips all of the time. I miss the hard copies!!!! :(

  • jromack 2 Jun, 2013

    I agre with many of the comments: I miss the print edition of Everyday Food. I've subscribed for years and have all of my print editions, which I use often. Many of my favorite often used recipes are from the print edition of Everyday Food. I would not have renewed my subscription if I had known - I'm not interested in reading Martha Stewart Living.

  • Shawna Cramer 29 May, 2013

    I really like Everyday Food, it would be nice to be able to get the e-version again via my Barnes and Nobel account like I previously had. or even to be able to access the back issues because once the month is over you can't get anything which sucks! Please make Everyday foods easier to access either by letting people who do not own Apple products to get it.

  • Zappie 20 May, 2013

    Martha, thank you so much for bringing Everyday Food back! My whole family shared the magazine and we tried many of the recipes. Sarah Carey is wonderful. I'd love to be able to download the magazine with the ability to save it to my computer so that I could keep back issues and organize them for ready access. Hopefully, in the future you will be able to provide it in additional formats for other users. I for one am grageful and delighted with having the mag in PDF format to view on my computer.

  • koooluck 15 May, 2013

    There is a anything use instead of heavy cream for sauteed chicken in mustard and herb sauce?

  • marcelita1991 14 May, 2013

    I love the printed version and is sad to see that it only comes online via iPad. Which I don't have. Guess will not be cooking anymore recipes. Mom of two....both under 3. Hard to find time online these days.

  • fabou3 14 May, 2013

    Always bought or subscribed to the print version. Own an I Pad but use it for work only. My home tablet is an android. Have about 130 back copies that are a go to, prefer my books come into the kitchen with me, not my tablet! Bring back the print edition! Who ever handles your media dept. needs to be fired!! My mother is 81 and doesn't use a computer, hates you with a passion, but likes the recipes in Everyday food. So now she is SOL.

  • parasix27 12 May, 2013

    It would seem that by subscribing to the magazine that one enters into a legal agreement having paid for a particular item. When the publisher, you, changes the item method that was subscribed to, and perhaps given gift subscriptions to others, that you have reneged on that legal agreement. The fact that you may offer something else in its place does not qualify as honoring the original agreement. Refund requests for incomplete subscriptions ordered should be honored. Is this not correct?

  • buzynancynurse 12 May, 2013

    I agree with some of the fellow readers in that the application that the food magazine is now delivered is only Apple friendly. Please consider those of us who have purchased years ahead in our subscriptions and have purchased multiple gift subscriptions. I will be calling for a refund .

  • Msaksmith 11 May, 2013

    Martha, YOU SUCK for taking away Everyday FOOD!!!

    I hate that you took away the print subscription to Everyday Food. Please bring it back. I do not want Martha Stewart Living, I don't care how the folks who write or subscribe to the magazine live. I just want good, simple recipes. I have the magazines from over 10 years old and still reference for recipes today. I gave out 3 gift subscriptions and would like to have a refund. Online EDF is not the same.

  • Tice tice 8 May, 2013

    Digital format... a great idea, but totally screwed up execution! This new version of publication is useless. As an avid Android user it saddens me that Martha Stewart publisactions are still in the dark ages with ONLY Apple offering. The magazine verison is viewable online only, so you need a connection. You can't donwload a can't print more than one page at a time! What a disapointment from such multi-million dollar business. You ought to fire your genius marketing agency

  • rosiedesigner 7 May, 2013

    Have to agree with Ann H. I miss the paper copy. I have been reading MS Living on the ipad and I don't understand the point of the animations. Why do I want to watch text move around on the page? Give me an animation that is worth watching so I don't feel like I'm just waiting for it to be over.

  • Ann H 7 May, 2013

    In abscence of the paper copy I would be pacified if it were available on android/NOOK format. I am insulted that the print copy (like all MS print media) only recognizes the I-pad. How hard could it be to make that offering. Check out Bon Appetit. Their interface on android is amazing and well thought out. A joy to view and read. MS is missing it with this weak substitute. I'll take the magazine please.

  • 2bchef 6 May, 2013

    I have to agree with the previous comment. I want the Everyday Food magazine hardcopy, mailed to me. It is why I subscribed to the magazine. It was never mentioned when I signed up for Everyday Food that it would not be available in print/ mailed to me after a few issues. I would not have subscribed to the magazine (on 10-2012) for a online issue. The magazine should fulfill their obligation that I signed up for, the mailed paper magazine of Everyday Food for (a year, 12).

  • brandifino 6 May, 2013

    I MISS MY BOOK! I sucsribed AGAIN and also sign up a friend for a Christmas present and then you changed to online publishing. I HATE IT! I use these books for recipes but now all I'm getting is the Living magazines and not my Food boor. Is there any way you still send out the REAL THING? And my gift subscription was to a 60 year old bachelor who doesn't have the internet!

  • mckenziebaker 6 May, 2013

    I like the digital subscription better actually. Will you be sending out monthly reminders when the new pdf is available? Or even better, email the pdf to subscribers? I was a long time subscriber to Everyday Food print edition. Thanks!

  • DebWB 4 May, 2013

    Thank-you, thank-you for this version of this magazine. Due to circumstances beyond my control I couldn't justify spending money on the magazine but the copies I have seen I so wanted to. I can now see and read it! I LOVE it!!!!!!! Thank-you again.

  • shaunagray 4 May, 2013

    I can't believe EDF isn't being published as a hard copy magazine anymore. I learned how to cook by using this magazine! People are STILL talking about the Thanksgiving dinner that I made in 2003! I don't like e-content, and it's certainly not helpful in the kitchen. SO DISAPPOINTED! I have a box full of my favorite EDF recipes from over the years - I'll be reusing those until you listen to your CUSTOMERS and bring the print version back! I would pay 3-4 times the price to get it back! Please!!!

  • Babs7 4 May, 2013

    I received a magazine in the mail and was told that my subscription to Whole Living was being changed to this one and they hoped I liked their choice. Wrongo, I do not give any of my business to Rachel Ray. I wish they would have offered me a MSL magazine offer. I love Martha Stewart and really enjoy that magazine and I loved Whole Living. I also do not have an iPad. I resist the pressure to make me conform to the electronic media as much as possible. I like hard copies, call me crazy.

  • ahamp1 4 May, 2013

    Paid to renew my subscription, got one book and a note saying that I would be getting the Martha Stewart living magazine instead, never received anything. After many years of receiving the magazine I feel like I was ripped off.

  • lady deb 3 May, 2013

    I like other people did not know that the magazine was not in print anymore. Every time I went to the supermarket I would eagerly look for the new edition on;y to be futally disapointed. I stumbeld across and old edition in my cabinet tonite and with glee revisited the pages. I miss it.
    I loved the recipes, I have made countless numbers of them over the last couple years including thanksgiving. I keep that edition like a small
    bible for future use. Please bring it back..Hard copy version.

  • kpoole2140 3 May, 2013

    Well, the supposed pdf version doesn't save. I didn't see the EDF magazine in MSL. There were a few pages of recipes but not the Shopping Bag, which was my favorite feature. I'll add my dismay and vote to return to the printed format. Sometimes digital just doesn't do.

  • Mauigirl 3 May, 2013

    I am ticked off! First you do away with Whole Living magazine and now this!?!?!
    Not everyone in the world uses a smart phone for reading! I don't! And
    my poor 85 year old Mom doesn't either. Don't we matter to you?!? I want the magazine I paid for.

  • dionm 3 May, 2013

    what about kindle version?

  • chanajanina 3 May, 2013

    I'm a recipe junkie, so I love the new format. Takes up much less space in my home. I must admit that I did love the print version b/c it was so small. I took a "vow" many years ago to stop buying magazines b/c I could never bear to part with them, but I made an exception for this.

  • thisisridiculous 3 May, 2013

    i am happy this is on my computer and not taking up my limited space on shelves! i appreciate what you are trying to do, and hopefully after the newness has worn off others will come around too! also this is a much greener way to get publication out? i just feel bad for the mailman who will be looking for a job when snail mail is no longer needed for anything, and also for folks who do not have or know how to use a computer. this is GREAT for me but probably not for everyone. thank-you i love it

  • nancykw 3 May, 2013

    In my last comment I accidentally called the magazine EFL instead of EDF. I wanted to abbreviate because of the minimum characters allowed. I did want to add my voice to these protests, however, because I do think this was one of the shoddiest customer service moves I have ever encountered. I know publishing is expensive, but when there is such a loyal following for a magazine, and an empire like Martha's, there must be a way. Digital is not appropriate for a magazine like this.

  • nancykw 3 May, 2013

    I am also so disappointed with the way Martha's organization handled the EFL situation. I was quite happy with my subscription, and I had ordered two more for Christmas gifts, only to find out it was canceled. The new EFL that comes with MSL is quite inferior to the original. I will definitely not be renewing my replacement subscription to MSL. It is much more expensive, for one thing, and it is not what those of us who loved EFL are looking for. This was a terrible customer service move!!!

  • jvgrossman 3 May, 2013

    So glad I came to this site, because I was wondering where my Everyday Food magazines have been! I too am VERY disappointed. I've no need for MS Living, and greatly enjoyed Everyday Food and Whole Living. Unhappy customer.

  • judypelster 3 May, 2013

    i miss the Everyday monthly magazine but am enjoying the smaller version I'm receiving with my Living magazine. I don't understand why it was cancelled it is a wonderful little magazine with lots and lots of hints and recipes. So what happened to the rest of my subscription ??? Just tough luck lady. I received a fitness mag when you quit printing whole living but nothing with the EDF mag. I didn't like the fitness mag so will not continue that.

  • chipc 3 May, 2013

    I was shocked to learn that the printed edition of Everyday Food had been cancelled AFTER I renewed my subscription , and this was after I had received numerous reminders from the publisher to renew !!!! I also added a gift subscription for my son and his wife this time because I liked the magazine so much. A move such as this shows no integrity on the part of the publisher . Therefore, I too will not be renewing my subscription the next time.

  • bernice Young 3 May, 2013

    I am another customer who signed on with Martha Stewart LIVING magazine with Everyday Food included and have noticed Everyday Food is not included any longer, why, I certainly paid for it. Very inferior customer service and will not renew.

  • ljsalv2cook 3 May, 2013

    I am taking this opportunity to express my dismay in your discontinuing the hard copy food magazine. I understand that we are all going digital and this is probably much more profitable for you. Perhaps increasing subscription costs would be an option. Another disappointment is not having the new format available to Kindle users. Several of your competitors have outdone you in this area. Please consider our humble opinions in these areas.

  • cesoukup 3 May, 2013

    I am very disappointed that I am no longer receiving a printed copy of Everyday Food. I paid for the subscription because I keep magazines for recipes I love. Unfortunately, you didn't give your faithful subscribers a vote and just stopped printing. I won't renew my subscription unless you bring the magazine back in printed form.

  • rixie77 3 May, 2013

    How disappointing! For a moment I was so excited to at least have some version of my favourite magazine back. But if you're not going to do a paper copy, which I dearly miss, then at least make it available for more than just apple users. Make apps for android and windows too. And no, a pdf is not the same.

  • westminsterkathy 3 May, 2013

    I also miss my print version of Every Day Food. It was my favorite! Definitely perfect size. I don't have an IPAD but I have a Nook. Unfortunately, does not seem to be available in Nook version. I've just purchased the Nook version of Food Light though. Please either bring the print version back or make available on more readers!

  • SusanaTheConqueress 3 May, 2013

    I'm happy to have this opportunity to be in touch with you again. My soon-to-be-16 daughter grew up believing you were her maternal grandmother. Now, she aspires to become a CIA student after highschool, and, should she be so fortunate: to intern... (guess where)!
    I'm sorry to say I supposed it best for her to meet her biological grandmother. The less on that, the better.
    Just know this: YOU are her grandmother in more ways than anyone else on Earth! We love you, Martha! You are 'family'. <3

  • jnwright1 2 May, 2013

    Please bring back the paper copy of EDF. I agree with all of the other comments - perfect size, format, great recipes, etc. I will not be renewing my subscription to Living. It's just not the same.

  • mystitsu 2 May, 2013

    First of all. I have to agree with everyone else. It's rather lame that you have discontinued the paper magazine. It was just the right size for clipping to my board in the kitchen, so I could consult the recipes while I cooked. That said, I understand the whole going digital thing however not everyone has an ipad. At least My other cooking rag still does paper AND publishes for other than iPad.

  • mistyviolet 2 May, 2013

    Please bring back the print copy. My daughter (late 20's) loved it so much I bought her a subscription too. Then it went away :-( The recipes are good , easy, with ingredients you can get at your local store. Much better than some of the other "recipe" magazines that have "gourmet" recipes with ingredients you can't find (and I live in Chicago!) and complicated, time consuming directions.

  • kmmz 2 May, 2013

    I miss the stand alone magazine Everyday Foods. I carried it with me in my purse, made great dishes from it, loved the recipe(s) layout, and gave subscriptions as gifts. I will not be subscribing to Living. I want that wonderful little Everyday Food magazine. Bring it back, please!!!

  • eelane 2 May, 2013

    I totally agree with most of the comments. I love the printed version and was sadden that the magazine was discontinued. Hopefully the editors, CEO and/or Martha would read and reconsider......

  • winterfriend 2 May, 2013

    Please bring back the print version or at least publish an android app.

  • Southwest Gal 2 May, 2013

    Can't believe you did away with the print version. Big mistake -- HUGE! Did anyone ask the customer? Customer service should be a priority. Customers are your bread and butter. Many, many people still prefer the real pages of a book to digital. Sorry, digital does not have my vote.

  • donnajj 2 May, 2013

    I miss my printed version of Everyday Food. Please bring it back. I do not understand the reasoning for discontinuing it. I was just referring to it today looking for the Sangria recipe. I love the size of the magazine. It is perfect for popping in my purse and it is so inspirational with recipes that most people can use. Not a lot of fancy ingredients, just good food. I gave several subscriptions as gifts. I will try to use the PDF version, but it will not be the same.

  • DRT chick 2 May, 2013

    What is wrong getting it in print? I agree with the others, I love your magazine, but if you will not mail it to me I don't want it.

  • dmh2 2 May, 2013

    Please bring back the printed version! We loved everyday food, the whole family would review it and tear out our favorite recipes, we miss it!

  • never 2 May, 2013

    I was so pleased to see Everyday Food again. I hope it will continue.

  • scorp50 2 May, 2013

    I agree, please bring back the published print addition. It was such an enjoyable thing to look forward to. I even bought a subscription for my brother for Christmas, I cannot imagine how dissappointed he was to get the replacement, since at one time his aspiration was to be a chef.

  • communityfan 2 May, 2013

    I and everyone I gave Everyday Food to are not continuing our subscriptions because we really only want Everyday Food - which is the best cooking magazine I've ever used. PLEASE bring it back!!!

  • CTTravelmom 2 May, 2013

    Just adding my vote - PLEASE bring back Everyday Food. The small format was great for throwing in my going-to-work bag, leafing through at lunchtime for inspiration and bringing into the supermarket for on the way home shopping trips. I've kept every copy and regularly refer to many of the recipes. They are great for uncomplicated, family friendly everyday food. App version just doesn't inspire me. Too bad it's gone (along with my other fav magazine Body & Soul).

  • NoGreenPepper 2 May, 2013

    Every Day Food was my favorite food magazine, with recipes that I could use daily. I miss this publication and like most of you, do not care to receive MSL. BRING BACK EDF in print form.

  • rlau 2 May, 2013

    I also bought the magazine as a gift for someone. This person does not access anything on-line. HOW DO I GET MY MONEY BACK?
    Maybe all of us that want a paper issue of the magazine should request our money back or at the very least a reduced price option, since providing an on-line or downloadable copy doesn't cost nearly as much to produce as a actual non-virtual magazine!

  • h2booge 2 May, 2013

    Why can't this be opened on a kindle fire if it is a PDF? This just adds to the frustration of losing the print copy. Why can't an app be created for the android market?

  • MaryNJ 2 May, 2013

    Read all these requests and bring back the paper copy. I was really upset when you let me buy a gift subscription a month before you canceled the magazine. I did not want Living, I wanted Everyday Food!!

  • billh42 2 May, 2013

    We only have a printed paper 3 days a week in Birmingham NOW we are losing the paper copy of Everyday Food. So easy to cook and not have a large space for magazine.

  • chefmary 2 May, 2013

    I miss the Every Day paper copy so much. I have considered canceling my Living subscription because of it. Several of my friends have mentioned the same commentary. Consider bringing it back.

  • mld 2 May, 2013

    Like everyone else - really miss this paper copy and sorry to see it discontinued - would love to see it back again!

  • perreaultleigh29 2 May, 2013

    I must agree! I miss the paper copy of Everyday Food so much! I have kept every copy I received. They are earmarked and tabbed up, spines written on for favs. I carried it to the store for shopping, planned cottage weekends with the newest edition. No internet at the cottage so online just does not help. Bring it back!!

  • RickQ 2 May, 2013

    I trust that you are reading these comments and will reconsider your decision in ceasing the printing of Everyday Food. As many other readers of EF we have kept every copy that we received and will often refer back to them for recipes to make throughout the seasons. It was an excellent magazine and worthy of your consideration.

  • Moinmotown 2 May, 2013

    I really miss the print version of Everyday Food, although I'm glad to see something online, but it isn't as engaging as a real magazine. I use to keep the current issue in my cookbook stand for at least a month, daily mining it for new ideas or techniques and all back issues stacked nearby. There's something about electronic publications that undercuts what and how the reader experiences printed matter. People get used to lots of new things, but it doesn't mean that it's a good or better idea.

  • chicarita 2 May, 2013

    Everyday FOOD was ALWAYS my FAVORITE magazine subscription! I would rush into the house to peruse the pages when I received it in my mailbox. I love that there is a virtual version, because I used to take my digest size to the grocery store and this makes it a tad easier, however, I agree with a majority of the other comments: NOTHING BEATS THE PAPER VERSION!

  • Twistedlady 28 Apr, 2013

    I loved the print edition. The little booklet that I get with Living just doesn't Please, please bring it back.

  • Jane Pilcher 24 Apr, 2013

    Yes, I have saved my Everyday Food issues & do use them. I loved everything about it. The small size was great, easy to hold with arthritic hands. I gave subscriptions as gifts to friends. Please bring it back!

  • Chuck Casey 22 Apr, 2013

    I just had to add that I agree - PLEASE bring back the print edition! As much as I like this info - I have all of the print copies from the beginning and still refer back to them and pass recipes on to friends. I miss it!

  • JRosen 22 Apr, 2013

    Reading the online version of Everyday Food only makes me long for the print edition. PLEASE BRING IT BACK

  • Sky Mom 22 Apr, 2013

    I have just created a MS account for myself solely to add my vote to the many here, asking for the return of EDF. I am a huge fan and terribly miss my monthly magazine. And while I am making requests, I don't have an idevice and would love to see some Android apps for the MS publications.

  • saharseyedi 20 Apr, 2013

    PLEASE BRING THE MAGAZINE BACK MONTHLY!!! It was the highlight of my month! I like the videos - Sarah is hilarious and I love her, she should still do the videos- but it's not the same. I get MSL magazine and really like that too but I LOVED Everyday Food. I had been receiving it since 2005! Please?? :) xx

  • gramscooper 19 Apr, 2013

    PLEASE...PLEASE...bring back the printed issues. I gifted it to three people and I had my own as well. We all miss it terribly!

  • Marine1940 19 Apr, 2013

    I can't seem to print only one recipe that I want to make and keep it on the counter when I am making it. Is there someway to just print one?
    Not too computer savey so maybe I can't figure it out. Help!

  • TweetyB321 19 Apr, 2013

    I am one of MANY who are so very sad that the print issue was canceled. I have given it as a gift and was a lont-time subscriber myself. Although I am signed up for the daily video recipes (which I really enjoy) it's not the same as finding this little gem of a magazine in my mailbox. I REALLY wish you would bring it back and it sounds like so many others agree. PLEASE CONSIDER DOING SO!!!!! WE MISS IT!!!

  • Marine1940 19 Apr, 2013

    I only received one issue of Everyday food and then it was canceled. I wish you would bring back the printed issue. Thanks. Kedi

  • SKRose 19 Apr, 2013

    I so agree! I do not work with an ipad in my kitchen. I like to browse my cooking magazines and clip out recipes to keep in folders. I, too, am a longtime subscriber and I have given subscriptions as gifts many times.

  • ljgrid4 18 Apr, 2013

    I, too, wish that Everyday Food was still in print! I love the versatility of the recipes and the way the recipes are organized. I am not crazy about having to look these things up on my ipad every time I am planning my meals. Printed copies work best for me!!!

  • AdrienneNJ 18 Apr, 2013

    This latest issue of Everyday Food is making me even more sad that the magazine is not in print. I was given the subscription as a gift and LOVED it from the start. I also gifted this magazine and everyone LOVED it. PLEASE bring it back for all of us who love great recipes, great tips, and food splattered pages!!!

  • cornflower 18 Apr, 2013

    Absolutely bring back Everyday Food in print! I have all the issues and they are proudly displayed in my cookbook library. These little treasures have helped me to make many marvelous meals and desserts. I have sent subscriptions to many relatives and friends who have also expanded their cooking skills via these mini magazines.

  • poillon1 18 Apr, 2013

    Yes, PLEASE, PLEASE bring it back and encourage your advertisers to add coupons - which is why I like BHG and Food Network mags - great coupons!

  • MrandMr 18 Apr, 2013

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Bring Back my Everyday Food!!!!! These little versions are great and I totally dig Sarah's videos. But I desperately need the magazine to come back. It is the best and has allowed me to create loving, delicious, restaurant quality meals. Please Please Please!!!!!!!

  • Sue Anderson 18 Apr, 2013

    I HATE not having this publication in print. I probably tore out half the pages to put in my recipe files. I loved all the recipes, but the cookie section was the best. Please reconsider and have this in REAL print.

  • queenskettle 18 Apr, 2013

    I subscribed to EDF for years and have saved every single issue, and cook from them all the time. Let me add my voice to the chorus of please! Bring it back! There are many of us who want the physical publication to hold, to read through, to have on our shelves....

  • Lan575 17 Apr, 2013

    I too miss the Everyday Food magazine. I have subscribed to it for many years and have saved every issue. Viewing it on line is just not the same.

  • LunaThings 17 Apr, 2013

    Miss my EDF mag so much. And I wish apps were Android supported as well.

  • Kathy Meek 17 Apr, 2013

    I just purchased Everyday Food at the store. It seemed odd that they still displayed the Dec 2012 issue but I bought it anyhow as I was interested in a few recipes in it. I signed onto this website with every intention to subscribe to the paper edition. I was VERY disappointed to learn that Everyday Food is no longer available as a paper edition. Pls bring it back! I have NO desire to sign onto my computer and use up ink printing recipes. Before I will do that, I will use my cookbooks. Thank you

  • LinMarce 17 Apr, 2013

    Please, Martha, bring back the hard copy of Everyday Food! I've saved every issue I've received in the past 3 years and I refer to them all the time. I miss the magazine!

  • Anne Klein 17 Apr, 2013

    How do I save it to my desktop to view later?

  • pastaholic 15 Apr, 2013

    Like all of you, I'm heartsick to lose the print copy of Everyday Food. I subscribed at the beginning of last November, received only one issue and then a letter saying there would be no more print magazine, but to expect a supplement in Martha Stewart Living in March 2013. Amazon sold me the subscription to EF without mentioning that the magazine ceased publication! To this day, I have not received the promised Martha Stewart Living Magazine, with the EF supplement. I feel ripped off.

  • Pscg 12 Apr, 2013

    I am extremely disappointed that Everyday Food is no longer being published as a paper magazine. This periodical is by far my favorite and most used magazine. The electronic version is not nearly as useful to myself and my family. I doubt I will continue my subscription to MS Living without this companion publication. While pretty, MS Living is not nearly as useful and practical to real families like mine.

  • Gunnar71 10 Apr, 2013

    I must say that I am disappointed in the loss of the printed version, but, so long as I have continued access to the magazine in one for or I do have one question. Will we be able to access previous issues? If so, where is a link for that. Thanks for such a great magazine.

  • dawnfarias 9 Apr, 2013

    I have been missing being able to buy EF at the supermarket so I came online to place a subscription. I thought maybe production had cut down to only a few times a year and I didn't want to miss any. I see that it is no longer offered in print. I have been using this magazine since the very first issues and would love to have it come back into print. It is my favorite of all the cooking magazines for it's photos and straightforward recipes.

  • Shawna Cramer 8 Apr, 2013

    WHy can you only get the Everyday Foods App on an Apple product?? It would be nice if I could get it on my Android also, or a print version,I miss it

  • jan4mom 6 Apr, 2013

    I had subscribed to EDF as paperless on my Nook and miss it. I kept Living once it switched over but didn't realize there was a shorter print version being sent along with Living. If EDF was still available in the same downloadable format along with Living, I would have gladly kept my subscription. This newer version is difficult to read and navigate on the Nook. So upset!

  • tritter 2 Apr, 2013

    My husband had subscribed for years to Everyday Food and gave subscriptions to his daughters and daughter-in-law. We miss it! Please bring back this great magazine! We are not interested in MS Living! Just Everyday Food for everyday people like us!

  • foolia 1 Apr, 2013

    Bring back everyday food!!! This was the best ever Martha Stewart Magazine. Do not like your Living magazine. I hafeel you have done your loyal followers a HUGE dis-service

  • bornato 1 Apr, 2013

    I love Everyday Food...Why Oh why did you stop publishing it? I have been ordering this for my daughter and me since 2008 ...also sending several other gift subscriptions. I do not like, nor do I want Martha Stewart Living. I spent money for a recipe magazine not one full of ads and crafts, and home and garden articles. It smacks of a 'bait and switch". Why were we not given the option of a refund? Thanks for putting whatever is left of EF on line at least you didn't cut us off completely.

  • Yanaya 1 Apr, 2013

    Terrible decision, I don't believe Martha can't continue with the print edition. What about all your loyal readers? We've been there for you, seems you would want us to be happy!! Bring back the print edition!

  • 24Tulips 1 Apr, 2013

    I was very disappointed that EDF is not going to be printed any longer. I have subscribed to the magazine since 2007 and have every issue as I refer back to them all the time. I love that the recipes as they are simple and use everyday ingredients. I received the Living Magazine and the recipes that were included had ingredients that I could only get at a specialty grocery store. I hope the EDF hard copy will come back, it was my favorite publication.

  • FTroy 1 Apr, 2013

    I agree with these comments. Please, bring back the paper magazine. I do read several magazines online, but it isn't as good for a recipe mag. When I received the supplement with the Martha Stewart mag, my reaction was "if this is what it's come to, don't even bother". What a disappointment.

  • Maxbax 1 Apr, 2013

    I totally agree with all comments. I miss the Everyday Food magazine. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!! I too have all my past copies and would try new recipes every month. I don't like the online magazine (too hard to use, can't easily note favorite recipes) and don't like Martha Stewart Living -- I only want the recipes not all the other stuff.

  • Ann H 31 Mar, 2013

    Big surprise, I too ma dissapointed like everyone here that you have decieded to discontinue the printing of EDF. I was a fan, an avocate and promoter of your philosopy and product. Clear simple recipes I could hold in my hand and thumb through. Seasonal and delicious. Introduced it to firends and gave it as gifts. Digital, while the greatest new thing, excludes customers and access. Most of all I am NOT HAPPY that MS offers Ipad but not android or Nook access. Short sighted. Dissapointing

  • JTarter 30 Mar, 2013

    I am so glad that I am not alone in being very disappointed that EDF was discontinued. I have kept every issue and gave gift subscriptions to my two sisters who are also sad that EDF is no more. One of them doesn't have a computer or smart phone so the online version is not available to her. I also am not pleased with the replacement for my subscription. Martha Stewart Living is not a magazine I would buy at all. Not my lifestyle, but EDF was fantastic! I miss it very much.

  • chericarlson 29 Mar, 2013

    I have been receiving Everyday Food for several years and have enjoyed it. I was extremely disappointd when you discontinued the printed copy and frankly I don't care at all for the Martha Stewart magazine. I even offered my copy of Martha Stewart Living to my daughter-in-law and she doesn't like it either so when it comes it now goes directly in the trash. Please bring back Everyday Food so that we can cut out recipes. Thank you.

  • tierney1 29 Mar, 2013

    Another cook who is extremely disappointed that EDF has ceased publication. I, too, bought every copy from the day I found this magazine until the last issue was published and I subscribed to the electronic version on Amazon. I have absolutely no intention of subscribing to Living because I find it a ridiculous journal.

  • smeekadameek 29 Mar, 2013

    Like most others here, I am very disappointed EDF was taken out of print. I too have all the books (back to issue #1) and reference them very often. I agree that loyal readers/subscribers should have been given a better choice than just getting a subscription to another mag. I wish Martha would bring EDF back to print. And by the way, I also enjoy(ed) Whole Living a lot more than the MSL magazine.

  • 73cocks 29 Mar, 2013

    Very disappointed EDF is no longer in print. Please bring it back! I love all things Martha but honestly the little EDF blurb in Living ain't gonna cut it! Many EDF fans have every single issue since it's first publication, that should be a big clue as to how much we adored that magazine. After reading through the many comments it seems you have a lot of very unhappy customers on your hands. It is my hope that you will re-think the decision to cancel EDF in print and bring it back! :(

  • jscheib 27 Mar, 2013

    I just started receiving EDF and now you are discontinuing it. I am very upset and will not renew, neither will my daughter. I could do without the Martha magazine--3/4 of it is ads .
    Please bring back Everyday Food!!!!
    Joanne S

  • artemis77 25 Mar, 2013

    I, too, am also disappointed with a screen-only version of EF. EF was the perfect magazine - the size, the content, the design. I'm terribly disappointed with Martha Stewart for getting rid of her best magazine. I'm not a Martha Stewart Living kind of person (too fussy for me). Whole Living is a supposed simple living magazine, but on the high end. Everyday Food was a magazine for the people. Real cooking. Simple menus. Budget conscious offerings.

  • HaywardLN 25 Mar, 2013

    I also have every single issue since #1 and the 3 cookbooks that were published. I am SO disappointed that Everyday Food is just GONE. And now I get Living, which I don't like, if I wanted it I would have subscribed to it to begin with, I hate it. I would have preferred a refund. Plus I gave gift subscriptions all the time. If you'd sent out a survey or something, I'd have said I would subscribe for life to Everyday Food. It seems that whomever is running Everyday Food is clueless.

  • sarbur 25 Mar, 2013

    So disappointed in losing my "hard" copy of Everyday Food. I have so many saved recipes in my cookbook. What a rip off. I'll not be renewing again. I did not receive notice of this change. Why did I receive a March issue of Martha Steward living. If this is to replace my hard copy of Everyday Food, why didn't I receive Jan and Feb issues of Martha Steward Living--again another rip off.

  • littleleslie 25 Mar, 2013

    PLEASE bring Everyday Food back!!! I cooked out of it every single day. Bought subscriptions for all three daughters who live in three different countries. All of us miss it terribly and are not a bit interested in the other publications. EDF was just that....really good, everyday food for everyday people.

  • slickmidgett 25 Mar, 2013

    I've put off writing because I did not believe it would do any good...but, I want the whole magazine back! In printed form!! The little piece that you sent out is worthless to me.

  • pauladauladoo 24 Mar, 2013

    The cancellation of the EFD magazine has been extremely disappointing and a complete let down! I have been a subscriber for years and they are my go to recipes - I have learned to cook with this magazine. I do not have the means, such as a tablet to utilize your digital version. Please reconsider and bring this magazine back. I don't want to subscribe to Martha Stewart's magazine for only a few recipes every 4 months! It would appreciate to have Everyday Food magazine back in hard copy form

  • carolclj111 24 Mar, 2013

    My April issue came with the hard copy.

  • om zein 24 Mar, 2013

    Hi thanks for offering us the EDF magazine for free online specialy
    For people in the middle east like me as its hard to get the hard copy
    But I have a request
    The msgazine is not downloadable copy unless u have an ipad
    I have androide system which has no access to all your books
    Can you put it in pdf format it will be much easier for every one
    To read and download thanks for your time

  • Kym53 22 Mar, 2013

    Need a way to bookmark or pin recipes and articles

  • debmarmstrong 22 Mar, 2013

    I understand the economics of publishing a printed copy of Everyday Food (and the drastic reduction in costs a digital version offers). But it reads/sounds like you are letting down your best users. Imagine how many haven't written that feel the same way? I suggest rethinking this decision. Maybe you just need to sell more ads?!!

  • Robynn 21 Mar, 2013

    I am very upset that I no longer receive Everyday Food. I have kept every copy from the beginning, used recipes over and over again, and always looked forward to receiving the latest issue. I know most people have IPADs, but I don't. I am hoping you will reconsider before my substitution subscription runs out, because I won't be renewing!!!!! Please bring back the paper copy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shopperlady3 21 Mar, 2013

    Agree with others, please bring back the magazine version of EveryDay Food. It's my go to magazine for recipes. I have copies marked with favorite recipes and often find other recipes to try when i go back to an earlier edition. The online version does not allow me to do this. I subscribe to many food magazines and EDF is my favorite.

  • Peppermint Patty 21 Mar, 2013

    All my hard copies of Everyday Food are dog-earred, flagged, have the date and comments on the different pages of the recipes which I have tried. Sometimes I will sit in bed with the hard copy and plan a week's menus along with a grocery list. There is no substitute for EDFood in hard copy. Helloooooo!! from all the comments, can't you read the writing on the wall? You've killed the goose who laid the golden eggs. Please, bring back EDFood in the format we all loved and used.

  • quilter 20 Mar, 2013

    PLEASE bring back the paper magazine. I love, love, love the feeling of a magazine in my hands!!!

  • keysusan 20 Mar, 2013

    Yes!!! Please bring back EDF! It is a handy kitchen size publication and packed with great recipes and info.

  • lanasworld1 20 Mar, 2013

    Bring back Everyday food paper magazine. Missing the spring recipes.

  • BBWRN 20 Mar, 2013

    Also, when I renewed my subscription to EveryDay Food - I was automatically sent Living - if I wanted that I would have ordered Living. It's not the same! I will not be renewing my subscription to Martha Stewart Living and am very disappointed I was not told ahead of time - I would have cancelled my subscription!
    Bring back Everyday Food!! Digital doesn't cut it - nor does the "small" one put in the Living magazine.

  • BBWRN 20 Mar, 2013

    Really wish Everyday Food was still in paper! Really miss it - would much rather have that in print! Plus SO many great recipes were in there!

  • Momma Cookie 20 Mar, 2013

    I love the Food magazine with Sarah Carey's Ideas and recipies, I would love for it to come back out so I could subscribe to it again. It was one of my Favorite little books.

  • las0723 20 Mar, 2013

    I purchased a subscription to Everyday Food, now I get the Living magazine which is not even close. I want Everyday Food and will not be renewing my subscription. Please reconsider your decision to make this magazine in electronic form. This is very inconvenient when you are trying to cook a recipe.

  • mamanliz 20 Mar, 2013

    I miss the magazine! Please publish it again!

  • sunnylamer 20 Mar, 2013

    I copied a few of the receipts but it isn't the same as looking at EDF. I also miss Whole Living and it was my favorite magazine. MKy subscription doesn't expire till Sept. 2013 and I haven't received anything since my January issue. What is going on? Anyone else have this problem?

  • GrandmaPauline 20 Mar, 2013

    I really miss EDF in magazine form. ELectronic is okay but I like to hold the magazine, left thru them and find a good recipe. I also like the way it highlights a certain, food, herb, spice, etc. in an issue and give you many recipes that relate to it. PLEASE PLEASE bring back the paper form.

  • twinkle8 20 Mar, 2013

    Hello! Yes, Please Publish EVERDAY FOOD in a Hard Cover Magazine. I am a Gourmet Cook and find that to print and NOT Have a Hard Cover Book or Magazine in the kitchen is impossible. Please go back to Print EVERYDAY FOOD! Thank You. Not Everyone wants to use a cannot create a tangible Martha Stewart Menu Collection. Thanks!

  • rimorr 20 Mar, 2013

    I would like to add to previous comments as to how disappointed I am not to have the print copy of EDC! I would like to receive the printed copy if at all possible. I am somewhat of a Luddite and I am missing out on many of the recipes which I would like to pass on to friends and family.

  • Barbara623 20 Mar, 2013

    I miss the print edition of Everyday Food since I am not very techno savvy.
    I can find recipes I I want to try again, in the print version quicker than in the digital version.
    Please bring back the print version soon.

  • bpedersen 20 Mar, 2013

    I agree!! Bring back the "Little Magazine"!

  • jagorden 20 Mar, 2013

    Please bring back Everyday Food magazine. I have been unable to find it. Have you quit publishing it?

  • sandrew101 20 Mar, 2013

    Some of these pages are blurred and unreadable.

  • cmo 20 Mar, 2013

    I miss receiving my EVERYDAY FOOD there is nothing like holding a book & then marking the page that you want to repeat with your family.
    I have my kids pick out a entree & desert from diffrent books - Please bring back the great little book

  • Mariecp 20 Mar, 2013

    Please bring back the hardcopy version of your Every Day Food Magazine. I do not like it online. Thank youl

  • dion 20 Mar, 2013

    why did stop that little book filled with alot of good tips, i enjoy that each month, and follow the tips and recipies, and collector of all the books, can you please bring them back.

  • las0723 20 Mar, 2013

    I subscribed to Everyday Foods not Martha Stewart Living. If I had want Martha Stewart living I would have bought that subscription. I will be looking for another magazine to replace Everyday Foods. I don't think I will find one, but if not I will survive without it. I don't think Living magazine was a good replacement!

  • Mariecp 20 Mar, 2013

    Please bring back your hard copy of the Every Day Food Magazine. I prefered getting the book in the mail and having it handy when I was ready to make the recipe.

  • elevenop 20 Mar, 2013

    EverydayFood is my absolute favorite magazine. Please bring it back in print form! I have saved every copy since 2009, and I refer to them daily for planning meals. I missed the Martha Stewart Living February issue on newsstands, and I much prefer a paper copy to the digital. Please, please offer EDF in print copy for subscription again.

  • robinsm 20 Mar, 2013

    I really enjoyed the Everyday Cookbooks and am hoping you decide to bring them back. I have been collecting them for years and refer to them often.Their convenient size , interesting recipes and wealth of information were a big hit with me.

  • lemark 20 Mar, 2013


  • premila 20 Mar, 2013

    I am with everyone. Everyday Food was my favorite magazine! The only one I kept each month and didn't recycle. PLEASE BRING BACK the paper form. I gave it for gifts. I subscribed for years. I miss it. Please bring it back. Thank you!

  • ddobson 20 Mar, 2013

    I loved Everyday Food magazine! Thanks for bringing it back in March - even though smaller, it's still chock full of wonderful ideas. Please keep up the good work!

  • Sunshine Sweetshop 20 Mar, 2013

    Has anyone figured out how to down load EDF?

  • guidahome 20 Mar, 2013

    Everything they said! I want my Everyday Food back in print form.

  • brokerkt 20 Mar, 2013

    Please bring back the monthly paper version !!! I too was an original subscriber and the electronic version / MSL supplement are not the same.

  • paulapeace 20 Mar, 2013

    I LOVE IT! martha stewart, you rock!!

  • paulapeace 20 Mar, 2013

    I LOVE IT! martha stewart, you rock!!

  • paulapeace 20 Mar, 2013

    I LOVE IT! martha stewart, you rock!!

  • Sunshine Sweetshop 20 Mar, 2013

    I miss the magazine - it was such a great size for carrying around/reading anywhere. I hope you will consider bringing it back.

  • MonicaMillburg 20 Mar, 2013

    love the digital! I dislike magazines sitting around....

  • KsMartha 18 Mar, 2013

    There have been major layoffs at MSL. I'm sure the publications that were eliminated were financial losers. We'll have to make do with the online version.

  • dennyden 18 Mar, 2013

    It's in the current EF magazine. I miss the print mag too! I really roughed mine up which I can't do with my tablet

  • kalfat 16 Mar, 2013

    I was devastated to find out that Every Day Food was no longer in publication. Its the only magazine that I consistently subscribed to for years, Its my go to cookbook for meals. I keep all of my old magazines grouped by month and reference them weekly to make meals with ingredients that are in season. So sad to no longer have this to look forward to. Please continue making simple and delicious recipes that are easy to make and healthy!

  • Debate 14 Mar, 2013

    Yes! Pleeeeease bring back the little Every Day Foods magazine in paper form !!! I miss it so! !!

  • Debate 14 Mar, 2013

    Yes! Pleeeeease bring back the little Every Day Foods magazine in paper form !!! I miss it so! !!

  • Nancy Pants 14 Mar, 2013

    Is there a petition to bring back EDF that I can sign? I miss this magazine so much. Although I appreciate the efforts to keep it alive digitally - and as a supplement to MSL - I liked having the paper copy with me in the kitchen while I cooked. I've started subscribing to other cooking magazines but none of them compare to EDF. Please, please bring back this much loved little magazine!

  • Salisbury38 20 Feb, 2013

    I was delighted to see Everyday Food along with my Martha Stewart Living today. Everyday Food is a great little book just brimming with ideas, easy recipes, and techniques. Whether a beginner or experienced cook, one can find interesting recipe ideas in Everyday Food. I am so disappointed that it was stopped. Perhaps you could include this short, concise version with each Martha Stewart Living magazine. I could not find the survey you suggested.

  • packergal 20 Feb, 2013

    I can't find it either and I would love to tell you to bring back the magazine Everyday Food on a monthly basis and not tied to the" only way to get it is to subscribe to Martha Stewart Living". I have subscribed to Everyday Food since first published and I am very sad that it is gone.

  • Lin123Ru 19 Feb, 2013

    I can't find the survey either. And I'd LOVE to tell everyone here how great this little mag is !

  • Rp3 17 Feb, 2013

    I'm trying to find the everyday food survey... and i can't find it anywhere?? can you please let me know how to find this?? thanks