Gardener's Gift Basket

For your favorite horticulturist, choose a sturdy basket that can have a long life of service in the garden. We decorated ours using a palette of yellows and oranges, inspired by the early-blooming daffodils.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2000


  • Store-bought basket

  • Ribbon

  • Easter straw

  • Tissue paper

  • Garden clogs

  • Canvas gloves

  • Canvas apron

  • Pruning snips

  • Pruning shears

  • Seed packets

  • Plant labels

  • Small pot of daffodils

  • Lemon jelly beans

  • Decorated eggs


  1. Paint the basket, tie a bow to the base of the handle, then line the bottom with a bed of Easter straw and tissue paper. Add a pair of garden clogs, canvas gloves and aprons, pruning snips and shears, seed packets, and plant labels. Finish with a small pot of daffodils, a bag of lemon jelly beans, and a few decorated eggs.


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