Cat and Kitten Makeup

Cat and Kitten Makeup

Source: Halloween 2000, Volume 2000 Special Issue 2000


The face gazing back at you in the mirror is drawn and pale. Your eyes are lost in ominous shadows and your lips are the color of blood. You look perfect. Every year on Halloween, beauty takes on a different meaning -- and you become someone new. Unlike a mask, which simply disguises your identity, makeup works an eerie magic: It can turn you into a more frightful, or more fantastical, version of yourself.

Before using any product, be sure you have the appropriate remover. Some substances can be washed off with soap and water; others, such as spirit gum, call for special solvents. Always apply makeup to a clean face for smooth, even application. Use a light touch. "Stop before you think you've done enough," Considine advises. "You can always go back and apply more, but you'll have a lot more work removing makeup and starting over." Whatever look you decide upon, never use any adhesive on your skin that isn't made for that purpose -- or you may be, quite literally, stuck with your new face. Once your makeup is complete, you may find yourself under its spell -- taking on the traits of your chosen character. Enjoy the transformation. At the end of the night, wash your face and be you again, at least for another year.


  • Latex cat nose

  • Black-bristled paintbrush for whiskers

  • Spirit gum

  • No-color powder

  • Flesh-toned grease paint

  • Black and highlighting cream makeup

  • Foam sponges

  • Makeup brushes

  • Eyebrow and eyeliner pencil


  1. To apply nose: Place on face and powder, leaving an outline. Remove; apply spirit gum to skin and inside latex nose. Let dry until tacky. Gently press in place, using outline as a guide.

  2. Brush edges with spirit gum diluted with a few drops of alcohol to seal.

  3. Cover nose with flesh-toned grease paint, blending outward with sponge to even skin tone. Powder. Insert whiskers.

  4. Apply highlighting cream to eyelids and brow bone. Line eyes with black cream makeup, extending liner outward on side; blend with sponge. Fill brows with pencil, adding slight upward tilt on outside edges.

  5. Make spots with "stamp" cut out of a makeup sponge dipped into black makeup.

  6. Draw in smaller spots with eyeliner pencil. Define creases in nose with black makeup.

  7. Use fine brush to define whisker holes. Finish with lipstick.


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