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Wool Woodlands Stocking

Tools and Materials

Colored tailor's chalk pencil
Wool fabric
2 mm wool felt
Pinking shears
Cutting mat
Screw punch
Sewing machine and sewing supplies
Fabric glue, such as Magna-Tac
Felt animal (see Ornaments; skip step 5)

  1. Print stocking and cuff templates, and cut out.
  2. Using tailor's chalk, trace smaller stocking template onto 2 pieces of wool; trace larger template onto felt. Use scissors to cut wool and pinking shears to cut felt.
  3. Trace cuff template onto 2 pieces of wool. Cut out, using pinking shears for bottom edge.
  4. Create an eyelet pattern on bottom edge of cuffs: Starting at the bottom, punch 3 rows of holes, using the screw punch's 3 settings (smallest to largest).
  5. Assemble stocking layers with felt in the middle and cuffs on each end. Align cuff and 1 layer of wool at top, and stitch 1/4 inch from top edge. Stitch remaining 3 layers in same manner.
  6. Pin stocking together. Sew around stocking, 1/4 inch in from edge of wool piece, leaving top open.
  7. Cut a 1-by-8-inch strip of felt. Gather ends together to form a loop for hanging, and sew inside the stocking, at the back, toward the top.
  8. Glue felt animal ornament to stocking.

Premium wool felt, 2 mm, $12.25 per sheet, Wool fabric, in Beige, $25 per yd., Screw punch, by Martha Stewart Crafts, $25,

Comments (3)

  • jlb00 27 Nov, 2013

    Seeking advice: What is meant by thin wool? Is lightweight wool suiting fabric appropriate?

  • mslo_marcie 7 Dec, 2012

    The projects requires only 1 piece of colored felt (stocking shape) , 2 pieces of thin wool (neutral color for stocking shape) plus 2 cuff pieces. It is 5 layers. you sew the cuff thin felt and colored piece together 1/4" from the top. Then you do the same with the remaining thin felt and cuff. Then pin together both and sew all around. Because you have sewn the tops together separately you will have only one pocket. Hope this helps.

  • twins11 28 Nov, 2012

    I love the look of these stockings, but I am a little confused by the directions! Do I need two pieces of felt for the stocking? Will I have two pockets on the finished product if I just have 1 piece of felt? Thanks for any advice!