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Needle-Felted Woodland Ornaments

Forest animals, mushrooms, and bristle ornaments mix the natural and the fantastical -- and bring texture to your tree.

Tools and Materials

3 mm wool felt
Colored tailor's chalk pencil
Needle-felting mat and tool
Screw punch

  1. Print templates; cut out.
  2. Trace templates onto felt with tailor's chalk, and cut out.
  3. Place a felting-needle mat under felt, and lay a few tufts of roving side by side where desired. Using a needle-felting tool, punch fibers through felt until they transfer evenly to the reverse side.
  4. Remove stray fibers by pressing felted area with one hand and teasing out stray pieces with the other. Repeat until area is covered.
  5. Use a screw punch to make a hole at the top. Hang with twine.

Wool felt, 3 mm, in assorted colors, $12 per sheet, Bhedawool roving, in Tomato, Snow, and Military Green, $3.50 for 25 g, Felting needle foam, $11.50; and felting needles, by Blue Grip, $7.50 for 2;

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