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Christmas Cracker for Cookies

Stack this year's holiday cookies and sweets inside store-bought clear tubes. At under $2 each, they’re more affordable -- and festive -- than tins or plastic containers. (They're also sturdier in transit than cellophane wrapping.)

Tools and Materials

Plastic tube
Cookies or candy
Tissue or crepe paper
Fast-drying glue, such as Magna-Tac

  1. Print clip-art bands, and cut out.
  2. Fill plastic tube with cookies or candy; place caps on ends.
  3. Cut a 4-by-12-inch piece of tissue or crepe paper. Apply glue around 1 end of tube, attach paper, and wrap around twice. Secure end of paper with a dot of glue. Repeat at other end.
  4. Using scissors, fringe paper ends. Gather with ribbon; tie.
  5. Glue clip art around tube so it covers where fringed paper was attached.

Clear tubes, 1 1/2" by 6" (#83811506P), $26.50 for 24; and 2" by 6" (#83812006P), $35 for 24; Tissue paper, in Citrus Green, $2.75 for 24 sheets; pearl tissue paper, 20" by 30", $42 for 100 sheets, Florist crepe paper, 20" by 8', in Grass Green, $7 per sheet; metallic crepe paper, 50 cm by 250 cm, in Gold and Silver, $14 per sheet; Yellow Noblesse crepe paper, 50 cm by 250 cm, $9 per sheet; Metallic satin ribbon, in #34, 10 mm, $9 per yd., and 15 mm, $11.50 per yd.; 24 mm, in #12, $18.50 per yd.; metallic grosgrain ribbon, 9 mm, in #64, $10.50 per yd., from Mokuba, 212-869-8900.


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