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Paper Kites

These paper decorations are a fresh alternative to balloons and, hung from a tree or a ceiling, work for all kinds of parties. Plus, they're a breeze to make.

The kites require only a bit of glue, kitchen twine, a wooden dowel, and some decorative and crepe paper. Because they lie flat, they're easy to store (though you may want to display them in a kid's room when the party is over).

Tools and Materials

2 sheets decorative paper, at least 19 by 19 inches each
One 3/16-inch-diameter, 36-inch-long dowel
Kitchen twine
Small flat brush
All-purpose clear-drying glue
Crepe paper

  1. Download and print kite templates. Trace templates onto decorative paper, and cut out.
  2. Cut dowel into one 19-inch piece and one 16-inch piece.
  3. Cross dowels; lash together by wrapping and tying twine around the point where they intersect.
  4. Place dowels on back side of 1 piece of paper (use the 19-inch dowel for the vertical, and the 16-inch one for the horizontal). Brush glue on smaller pieces of paper, and adhere them over the dowels to larger piece of paper at each of the 4 corners. Let dry.
  5. Cut another piece of twine to desired length for hanging kite. Poke a small hole through paper where dowels intersect; thread twine through for hanging.
  6. To create tail, cut a long length of twine, and cut crepe paper into 4-by-1 1/2-inch strips. Twist crepe strips at center, and tie in knots along tail about 8 inches apart. Tie tail to bottom tip of dowel.
  7. Brush glue along back edges of paper; adhere second piece of paper, patterned side up. Let dry.

Decorative paper (similar to shown), from $2.50, 3/16"-by-36" dowel, $3.50 for 10, Kitchen twine, $11, Crepe paper, from $2.50,

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