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Postcard Pages

Postcards provide glimpses into long-ago adventures, and their dashed-off notes are lasting links to family and friends. Design a scrapbook just for them, complete with windows revealing the front and back of each card. Ours are framed, labeled, and dated.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Pages from a post- or ring-bound scrapbook

  • Colored paper

  • Double-sided tape

  • Utility knife

  • Clear adhesive photo corners

  • Archival glue stick


  1. Remove pages from a post- or ring-bound scrapbook. Cover pages with colored paper (we used acid-free blue paper), securing with double-sided tape. 

  2. Download our border template; print 1 for each postcard. Cut out center of each with a utility knife, keeping border intact.

  3. Position 1 on page; trace a window, using border as a guide; cut out window. Glue border around window; flip page.

  4. Attach clear adhesive photo corners; insert a postcard, writing side up. Repeat with each postcard. Add labels using an archival glue stick.

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