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Sea-Glass Necklace


You'll need an assortment of glass and pottery shards to make this necklace.


  • Assortment of sea glass and pottery shards
  • Plastic container filled with water
  • Craft drill (we used a Stylus rotary tool kit by Dremel, from Lowe's)
  • No. 61 diamond bit, from Metalliferous
  • Length of silk cord long enough to fit over your head when looped
  • Safety glasses
  • Pencil


  1. Step 1

    Fill a plastic container with a small amount of water, and set a shard of sea glass inside; it should be slightly covered but not submerged (drilling the shard in water will guard against cracking and prevent it from getting too hot). 

  2. Step 2


    Wearing safety glasses and holding the shard with the eraser end of a pencil, make a hole in glass using a craft drill, below right, fitted with a No. 61 diamond bit (it may take a few tries to drill through completely).

  3. Step 3


    Cut a length of silk cord long enough to fit over your head when looped. String a shard onto the cord, and tie with a double knot. Continue adding shards at even intervals. When finished, tie the cord ends together with a double knot.