Combed Wall "Tiles"

Made by passing the teeth of a craft tool through a coat of tinted glaze, combed tiles give dimension to a home-office wall.

Combed Wall "Tiles"

Source: Martha Stewart


Alternating the directions of the lines creates a sense of movement. The squares can be any size.


  • Base Coat: Benjamin Moore 1585 Wales Gray

  • Glaze Tint: Benjamin Moore 1001 North Creek Brown

  • Four patterns rim the edges of a compact square rubber combing tool (used to create straight combed patterns as well as the striated lengths in a faux-bois design)


  1. Paint the Background Using a 9-inch paint roller with a 1/4-inch nap, paint the surface in desired color using latex paint. Let dry thoroughly.

  2. Make the Glaze Mix 1 part latex paint (pearl finish or satin finish) with 1 part latex or acrylic glazing liquid and 2 parts water. (If using oil paint, mix 1 part oil paint with 1 part oil glazing liquid and 1 part mineral spirits.)

  3. Paint the Combed Pattern Using painters' tape, mark several 18-inch square sections on dried base coat using a pencil and a level.

  4. Working in 1 square at a time, apply a thin layer of glaze with a China bristle brush.

  5. Pull the combing tool through the glaze.

  6. Repeat in remaining sections, alternating direction of stripes with each square. Let dry.


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