Blue Crabs

Tools and Materials

  • Precooked crab
  • Newspaper
  • Knife
  • Cracker or mallet
  • Pick for scraping (optional)

How To Eat a Blue Crab

1. Twist off claws and legs. Place the precooked crab on a table covered with newspaper. (If you're boiling the crab yourself, let it cool before handling.) Remove the claws and the legs from the body.

2. Remove the shell.  Using both hands, pry the body apart from the top shell. The meat will be inside the body, covered by entrails and inedible gills. Discard the gills, and scrape the meat clean with a knife.

3. Extract the meat.  Using a knife or your fingers, pick out the meat from inside the body. Then, using a cracker or a mallet, crack open the legs and claws, and suck out the meat or scrape it out with a pick.


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