Four-Bow Boxwood Window Wreath

The shiny green foliage of a boxwood wreath embellished with a quartet of slim satin bows captures the classic Christmas pairing of red and green. This window wreath could just as easily adorn a door or wall to make a festive statement.

Four-Bow Boxwood Window Wreath

Source: Martha Stewart


  • 22-inch-diameter

  • Boxwood wreath

  • 5 yards of 1 1/2-inch-wide

  • Red satin ribbon

  • Scissors

  • 1/2-inch-wide double-sided tape

  • 1 foot of 24-gauge floral wire

  • U pins

  • Hammer and small nail

  • Fishing line


  1. Fold one 3-inch ribbon length, faceup, into thirds lengthwise (diagram 1, bow center). Secure overlapping folds in back with tape. Repeat to make 4 total.

  2. With an 11-inch ribbon length faceup, fold both ends under toward center (diagram 1, bow loop). Secure ribbon ends with tape to form a loop. Repeat to make 4 total.

  3. Place two 15-inch ribbon lengths, faceup, across each other to form an X (diagram 1, ribbon X).

  4. Lay one 11-inch taped loop, tape side down, horizontally across center of X. Pinch X lengths and loop at center. Wrap a 3-inch length of floral wire around this point, and twist at back to secure. Repeat to make remaining 3 bows.

  5. Cover each bow center with one 3-inch folded ribbon length to hide wire, securing at back with tape.

  6. Position first bow as desired on wreath. Secure ends of X lengths to wreath back with U pins (diagram 2). Position other bows, and secure with pins.

  7. Hammer nail at top center of window frame. Loop 1 end of fishing line through center back of wreath frame, and knot securely. Cut line to appropriate length for desired position, and tie to nail.


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