Heart-in-the-Fold Valentine's Day Card

This folded heart opens to look like a flower in bloom.

Heart-in-the-Fold Valentine's Day Card

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Decorative paper, such as origami paper

  • Card stock

  • Craft glue


  1. Start with a square piece of patterned paper. Fold in half vertically, and unfold. Fold in half horizontally, and unfold.

  2. Turn paper over. Fold in half diagonally, and unfold.

  3. Turn paper over again. Bring corners of diagonal fold up to meet each other, holding them together with your thumb and forefinger. With other hand, press sides in to form a diamond shape.

  4. Print template for heart onto card stock, and cut out.

  5. Line up template point with folded point of diamond; trace, and cut out top of heart.

  6. Use craft glue to mount back of heart onto card stock. Inscribe with message inside.


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