Leather Bracelet

Transform bits of leather, a handful of beads, and a few lengths of lanyard into cool bracelets that find their inspiration in summer-camp projects.

Leather Bracelet

Photography: Johnny Miller

Source: Martha Stewart Living, July 2012


  • Craft knife

  • Piece of shoulder leather, cut into strips

  • Glue, such as Magna-Tac

  • Plastic lacing


  1. Using knife, cut 1 strip to desired width, and twice the length needed for a bangle (it should slide over your hand). Ours were approximately 16 inches long. Cut a piece of plastic lacing 65 inches long.

  2. Loop leather strip to desired bangle size; apply a dot of glue, sandwich end of lacing between layers of leather, and squeeze.

  3. Working an inch at a time, glue layers together and wrap strip tightly with lacing (creating strips or crisscrosses). To finish, tuck end of lacing between leather, snip, and glue.



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