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Crepe Paper Rose Basket

A frilly alternative to a traditional Easter basket, this rose has humble beginnings: Beneath the folds of pink crepe paper is a plastic bucket meant for mixing paint.




  • 2 1/2-quart mixing tub
  • Crepe paper: 1 gold and 1 pink roll
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Green card stock
  • Rose petal template


  1. Step 1

    With scissors, snip 1/2 inch down from edge of tub and then all around. If there is a ridged edge, trim that off, too. Wrap strip with a 1/2-inch-wide piece of gold paper (cut against the grain along the height). Set aside for handle.

  2. Step 2


    Measure depth and circumference of tub and cut piece of pink paper (along the grain) so, when folded, it lines the inside, outside, and bottom of bucket. Crease paper so the fold lines up with lip, and slide onto tub. Cinch paper at the bottom, and secure with daubs of hot glue.

  3. Step 3

    Snip 2 slits in the pink paper 1 inch up from the base on the inside of the bucket. Load up ends of handle with generous amounts of hot glue, slide through slits, and press to secure to tub.

  4. Step 4

    To create inside ruffle, cut pink paper, slightly rounding the ends. Place inside tub, and stretch upper edge of paper to create ruffled look. Use template to make exterior petals out of more pink paper, and glue to side. Cut 2 green leaves, and glue to base of tub.



Reviews (3)

  • karenetrentine 9 Apr, 2014

    The instructions are very unclear. And it took me a while to realize you are creating a handle by triming off the the top 1/2 inch. The reason you want to remove the ridge is so the handle is smooth. Finally I'm in Orange County, CA and it is impossible to find crepe paper! I tried Joann's, Michaels and even PAPER SOURCE doesn't have it. So now that I am ready to go, it's going to be a fortune to purchase and ship in time online...since that's my only source in So Cal. Too bad.

  • Kathiejene 28 Mar, 2013

    Um, I think I can make this by looking at the photo somewhat, but the instructions are of little help. I think a tutorial would be better than written instructions. Also, if I cut away off the top of the tub 1/2" down, what ridge would I still have? It says to measure the tub but then what to do with those measurements. Add them together or just cut strips. I was going to have one of these on each plate at easter. hmmm. looking for something else.

  • gayapriyapriya 18 Mar, 2012