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Chef David Pasternack

Airing Wed, 2012-01-25

Learn new preparations for healthy seafood with fish minestrone and fluke crudo recipes from chef David Pasternack. Plus, a primer on the most buzzed-about gadgets from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show with New York Times tech columnist David Pogue, and a guide to the most family-friendly domestic cats from breeder Anthony Hutcherson.

Media Chef David Pasternack Show Fresh Fish and Furry Felines Meet the fiercest cats in the animal kingdom, and find out which breeds are best for your home. Plus, learn about the hottest tech gadgets, and showcase fresh local fish with <a href="">crudo</a> and <a href="">minestrone</a> recipes.
maine-coon2-mslb7075.jpg Top 5 Family-Friendly Cat Breeds

Maine Coon: This is a great breed for those who love dogs because you can walk this cat on a leash! Maine coons can grow to be upward of 20 pounds, and they have an easy temperament.


Ragdoll: These cats are one of the most relaxed breeds, and are best known for being docile and going limp when picked up. Their long coat requires daily brushing.


Exotic Shorthair: Similar to Persian cats, these furry friends have big, expressive eyes and cartoonish faces. Because of their round heads and shorter, flatter faces, choose feeding dishes that allow them to eat and drink comfortably -- ones that aren't too deep or too small.


American Shorthair (pictured): These cats enjoy chasing after small moving objects, are able to adapt to any home easily, and love to purr.


Abyssinian: Incredibly affectionate and playful, toys and climbing trees are ideal for this breed. They are considered the acrobats of the cat world.

Featured in Teaser Minestrone with Fish and Root Vegetables
Featured in Teaser Fluke Crudo with Meyer Lemon and Sea Salt

GUEST: Dave Pasternack, chef of Esca in New York City


Gadget Picks

Panasonic ToughPad (available Fall 2012) and Toughbook S10 laptop
Samsung Galaxy Note
Tagg: The Pet Tracker
SpareOne cellphone (available in March)
HP Envy 14 Spectre laptop (available in February)
Samsung Series 9 laptop (available in February)
Powerbag backpack

Featured Resources

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Anthony Hutcherson, representative for The International Cat Association
Wildlife expert Grant Kemmerer of Wild World of Animals
David Pogue, New York Times technology columnist

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