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Glittered Ornaments




Glitter is artist Kari Tarr's favorite medium; here, she shares a shimmering ornament craft for your holiday tree.

Resources: Glitter kit and glitter glue available from Martha Stewart Crafts. Triple-thick crystal clear enamel spray available from The Home Depot. All other tools and materials available from your local crafts or art-supply store. Kari's glittered crafts are available for purchase at her Etsy shop, TheGlitteredSquirrel.


  • Round glass or shatterproof ornament
  • 1/4-inch masking tape
  • Glitter
  • Glittering glue or white glue
  • Fine art paintbrushes
  • Sealing spray


  1. Step 1

    Begin by masking off desired area with 1/4-inch masking tape. We divided our ornament into four quarters.

  2. Step 2

    With a fine art paintbrush, apply glue to exposed areas and cover with glitter of desired colors. Here, we glittered each quarter with a different color in either warm or cool tones

  3. Step 3

    Remove tape and allow glue to dry. (Tip: Do not let glue dry completely with tape still on the ball. Removing the tape this late in the process could pull away some of the glitter.)

  4. Step 4

    Use 1/4-inch masking tape to mask off edges of unglittered areas, applying tape directly on top of glitter. Apply glue with brush and glitter as in step 2. We glittered our stripes in a contrasting color to the warm and cool palettes.

  5. Step 5

    Remove tape and set ornament aside to dry completely. To seal and permanently affix glitter, spray with sealing spray.

The Martha Stewart Show, December 2011



Reviews (4)

  • Sallysu 28 Dec, 2011

    Quilters tape worked just fine. Michael's was completely out of 1/4 in masking tape. I finally remembered I have quilter's tape and it's easy to find. Give it a try.

  • Kthweatt 12 Dec, 2011

    I went to three different stores to find 1/4 inch tape. I finally went to a paint store where a painter sent me to an auto body shop/auto parts store. They had the 1/4 inch tape. It is actually 6mm, but it is the closest you will find. Of course, you will want to amuse the sales people by telling them what you will do with the tape! You should also know that the painter insisted that I could cut even 1/4 in paint strips myself. I'm certain he could do it easily....

  • mskathybailey 9 Dec, 2011

    I have looked everywhere for the 1/4 inch masking tape. Not at our Home Depot or office supply store. Got any hints? I did find quilters tape in the correct size but I think I would really like using the masking tape instead. Please help!

  • sunnyb6663 6 Dec, 2011

    I plan to do this project with the family on Christmas Eve. Then everyone will have there own to take home for Christmas day. Fun Fun Fun