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Chunky Yarn Bangle

This statement bracelet, from Erica Domesek of P.S. -- I Made This, makes the perfect holiday gift for your fashionista friends.


  • Armature wire
  • A cylinder-shaped item that fits your wrist, such as a jar
  • Wire cutters
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Lion Brand® Mambo Yarn
  • Rhinestone chain


  1. Step 1

    Make a bracelet base by forming armature wire around a jar or other cylinder-shaped item. Continue to wrap around until you achieve the desired width, about 13 times.

  2. Step 2

    Use wire cutters to snip the end, and slip off jar.

  3. Step 3

    Slide yarn under one coil, and wrap around until the entire bracelet is covered.

  4. Step 4

    Secure the end with a knot, and snip on the inside of the cuff.

  5. Step 5

    Embellish by wrapping rhinestone chain on top.

The Martha Stewart Show, December 2011

Reviews (10)

  • ArtfullyEverAfter 28 Aug, 2012

    I noticed quite a few people asking for the gauge of wire to use in this project. I'm not the author, but I am a jewelry & mixed media artist, so I thought I could pass on some advice.First, they used "armature wire" & I believe it only comes in 1 gauge, so whatever you can find, should be good. Secondly,you can also use wire mesh,a section of plastic 16oz bottle, hardware mesh (ask at hardware store- cool product/inexpensive/MANY creative uses!)U can Email me for more!

  • Dorien and Cheryl de Lusignan 20 Aug, 2012

    I too would like recommend as to gauge of wire that is best for this project. I first saw demo on TV and watched the video but there was no mention of which wire to use. Great looking piece, GREAT! Dorien

  • Kimlkapsh 20 May, 2012

    you can get the rhinestone chain on ebay. It comes from china, but a lot cheaper than here. The store is called stuff resource

  • Ca1329 8 Jan, 2012

    You can get the rhinestone chain from etsy and probably a craft store like Joann's Fabrics

  • Kimlkapsh 5 Jan, 2012

    WHAT Gauge of wire do we use? Can you use memory wire for this project?
    NO ONE is answering our questions.

  • staceyleejorg 13 Dec, 2011

    Does anyone know where I can buy rhinestone chain? Help! Thanks!

  • raynbow63 7 Dec, 2011

    Can I use aluminum jewelry wire instead of armature wire? What gauge wire works best?

  • Nurseamh 5 Dec, 2011

    What gauge of amature wire should I use?

  • hapittman 5 Dec, 2011

    What gauge armature wire do you recommend?

  • EWASH 5 Dec, 2011